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Korean War vets and three KIA remembered at Memorial Day ceremony at Buchanan Park

Written by Linda Kirkpatrick on .


A Memorial Day ceremony was held at the Veterans' Memorial and Commemorative Walk nestled in the midst of trees, a quiet space in the center of Buchanan Park.  The event was conducted by newly inducted Commander Mike Lynch of American Legion Post 2001. 

It was a reminder that Evergreen is still a small town.  Julie Ballard provided a big voice though, belting out a sensational version of The Star Spangled Banner fit for the 4th of July at Coors Field.

Special recognition was given to those who'd served in the Korean War, the forgotten war, that started in June of 1950 – 65 years ago.

Members of Post 2001 who'd passed away over the last year were honored:  Ron Hogan, Larry Wear Hal Davidson, Paul Powell, and William Howard Smith. The  ceremony of the Empty Chair honored prisoners of war and those missing in action.


Bootstraps honors 43 graduates with scholarships and loans

Written by Colleen Skates on .

On Monday, May 18th, the Bootstraps community honored the 43 recipients of this year’s Bootstraps scholarships and loans at a reception held at Evergreen Lake House.

The 2015 recipients, who collectively received $220,000 in scholarships and interest-free loans, were fortunate to have the opportunity to meet the donors of their awards. The recipients from Evergreen and Conifer will be attending colleges and universities all over the United States thanks to the generous support of the mountain-area community.

Bootstraps was founded in 1945 as Evergreen Scholarship by a group of civic-minded Evergreen residents who wanted to recognize outstanding graduating high school students. The first two scholarships were $150 each and paid for two years of college for Gwen Massey and Mary Ann Conley. A second group calling itself Bootstraps was founded in 1979 to provide interest-free loans to area graduates.  In about 1991 the two groups with a common interest merged and eventually took on the name of Bootstraps.

After 70 years, Bootstraps has awarded over $3.5 million in scholarships and loans to more than 1,200 mountain-area high school graduates.

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Meet Mike Weege

Written by Stephen Knapp on .

Evergreen Fire Chief Mike Weege is the first to admit it.

“I may be a bit more of a cheese-head than most,” grins Weege, born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin. “My father spent 40 years working in a cheese factory.”

And were the young Midwesterner’s boyhood daydreams filled with shiny helmets and ladder-trucks and valiant missions of mercy? Not so much.

“I was really into sports,” Weege says. “I’ve always loved the outdoors, and backpacking and camping. I kind of fell into firefighting.”

But not right away. Earning a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin – Stout, in Menomonie, he quickly found work stress-testing electronic circuit boards, most of them prototypes for the cars of tomorrow.

“We were working with vehicles that were still being designed. It was fun to see the technologies that would be coming on the market five years down the road.”

Weege spent many of his off-duty hours indulging his appetite for the great outdoors, which is how he came to appreciate Colorado’s wild attractions. When a position opened up at the industrial equipment firm John Clark, Inc., in Denver, he shuttered his Milwaukee home and lit out for the Rockies.