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Split 'n Steak produces big numbers

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Seven years ago Conifer Community Church started doing something big for the community, and it's gotten really big since then.

By accepting donated trees from members of the congregation, they were able to cut and split the wood, turning it into firewood for families who needed assistance making ends meet.  It started out to help fellow congregants, but it's grown to help many others along the 285 Corridor.

Last year 87 different families received this form of assistance.  Referrals come from Mountain Resource Center.

This year organizers anticipate needing 100 cords of wood.  Enlisting the help of outside volunteers boosted the manpower as well as the number of truckloads of donated trees this year.  Scouts and members of Evergreen Newcomers and Neighbors are two such groups that pitched in on Saturday, September 17th, when more than 160 men and women (and a few youngsters) showed up to "do hard labor" at the annual "Split 'n Steak."


LIFE IN EVERGREEN: Be part of making history in Evergreen this Saturday!

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It’s all the buzz….

With our community spirit, don’t even try to imagine yourself not taking part in breaking a world record for the longest picnic table this weekend at Buchanan Park. Anyone who’s part of Evergreen needs to be there!

There will be a variety of food trucks – not just the usual ones you see at local events – one including wild game and seafood selections.

Starting Thursday afternoon, volunteers will be constructing well over a hundred picnic tables, ensuring they are interlocking, as the Guinness Book of World Records mandates that they can’t simply be end-to-end and they can’t just be “connected.” The table really must be one long table! So, even though it starts with “well over a hundred” kits, the kits are being modified to meet requirements.

The exact length of the table is a well-kept secret, as the record keeps being re-set – four times in fact since the Leadership Evergreen Class of 2015 took this on as a class project. The current record is 638’ 9.35” set in Kuwait earlier this year.

It’s their way of feeding the needy. How? you might ask. Leaders are supposed to come up with innovative ways to do things. Money raised from the event – $10 per person general admission – will be distributed amongst four area groups that provide food to people in the “needy” category: Seniors’ Resource Center, Loaves & Fishes, EChO, and Life Bridge.


Meet Dave Krieves

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When Dave Krieves and his wife, Katie, moved to Evergreen in 2000, he wasted no time in getting involved in the local community.

Born and raised in Oregon, he was exposed to a sense of community responsibility from an early age. “There were two sides to my family,” he explains. “The poor and relatively uneducated side, and the medical side — relatives who are doctors. My grandmother, who was from the poor side, was, at age 99, still cooking dinner nightly for her neighbor and looking after her… and the neighbor was in her 70s!”

Dave himself went on to study medicine and was a Diagnostic Radiologist in Bend, Oregon for nearly 30 years. “I handled all of those things with goofy letters in them— CTs, MRIs, USs, and NMs,” he jokes. He focused particularly on the latter two: Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine. “But my main interest was patient contact; I love being around people.”

He has a particular memory of providing care for a terminal cancer patient. “I performed over 50 drainage procedures on her lungs over the course of a year and a half. We spent a lot of time together, and I got to know her well. In fact, we laughed over the fact that I was seeing her a lot more often than her regular doctor did. Experiences like that one have left a big impression on me.”

When both of their sons made the move to Colorado, Dave and Katie decided to follow, “Although we actually got here first!” Dave says. They selected Evergreen as their new home because they were friends with Ken Williams, pastor at Rockland Church, and also because another friend in Oregon had previously lived in Evergreen and encouraged them to check it out when they were preparing to relocate.