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Under a Summer Moon a culinary celebration for Mount Evans

Written by Beth Foster on .


Just as the full moon began rising on Aug. 18, 100 fortunate foodies sat down to enjoy an elegant 5-course feast benefitting Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice in Evergreen.

Appropriately christened “Under a Summer Moon,” the heavenly blending of astronomy and gastronomy—now in its third year—unfolded in the Evergreen Lake House and featured 10 of Colorado’s best chefs working their mouth-watering magic up close and personal. With the help of celebrated Denver restaurateur and event chef-chair Kevin Taylor, each chef prepared an amazing meal for 10 discerning diners.


Last week for online auction to support StageDoor Theatre

Written by Linda Kirkpatrick on .

StageDoor Theatre is on a quest to raise $20,000 this August for its Capital Campaign to finish its newly added rehearsal space.

"We have a new rehearsal room ready and waiting," says board member Sydney Bernard-Hogling. "Now we just need to give it some TLC to get it up and running. We’ve begun the renovation of this space, but much more needs to be done."

StageDoor Theatre asks you to participate in its On-Line Auction to help raise money for this project and upcoming productions.  You'll find opportunities to purchase gift certificates to a LoDo restaurant, tickets on Southwest Airlines, and stays at a B&B and a cabin in Granby – plus dozens more.

Click on the link below to go to the online auction: http://stagedoortheatre2016.eflea.ca Or click on the the Donate Now button below to make a monetary contribution.


Meet Marilyn Saltzman

Written by Stephen Knapp on .

In a place where community engagement is common, Conifer resident Marilyn Saltzman’s remarkable record of service is anything but. Since arriving in Colorado 46 years ago, Saltzman has seen her neighbors at their cruel worst, and at their shining best, and she’s worked ceaselessly to help repair the damage caused by the darkest of human impulses and encourage better angels to take flight.

Originally from Brooklyn, Marilyn and her husband, Irv, were young New York City public school teachers with their eyes on far horizons. In 1970, the couple bid the Big Apple goodbye and set off across the fruited plains.

“We headed west,” Marilyn says. “We wanted to see what else was out there.”

Running hard up against the Rocky Mountains, the Saltzmans settled in Denver. After spending a few years working such jobs as were handy, Marilyn decided to explore a more permanent career track.

“I edited my high school and college newspapers,” she says. “I applied for the editor job at the Golden Transcript, and I got it.”