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Rotarians treat seniors to Thanksgiving dinner

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Rotarians from two area clubs joined together to feed close to 200 senior citizens at the Evergreen Lake House on Thursday, November 19th.

This was the second annual event of its kind, having outgrown Church of the Hills as a venue the first year when 80 guests were served. In 2014 while Barb Scripps and Nancy Grant were presidents of their respective groups – Evergreen Rotary and Mountain Foothills Rotary – they put their heads together to bring their idea to fruition.

Under the direction of caterer Mimi Nelson and with the assistance of chef Pam McQuinn of the Seniors' Resource Center, volunteers peeled 60 pounds of potatoes and cut up 15 pounds each of  carrots, onions and celery.  About 20 volunteers baked rolls, cookies and pies.  Other crews roasted 13 turkeys and baked 600 cookies, 200 rolls and muffins, and myriad pies and desserts.  Others stuffed cookies into favor bags, and some folded napkins.  Annette Bradley created centerpieces.  Some ushered guests to their seats, while others passed hors d'oeuvres from table to table.


Serious shortfall in Fire district revenues cause for concern

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The Evergreen Fire Protection District (EFPD) has called together a Community Task Force to address declining revenues and its inability to keep pace with increases in operating costs and to fund Reserves.

A group of 20 members of the Evergreen community has met twice and will meet a third time.  

Following is Part One of a summary of discussions with Fire Chief Mike Weege on the issue.

The District gets a majority of its revenues from two sources: property taxes and charges for emergency medical service (EMS) transports.

The downturn in property values since 2009 has resulted in lower revenues each year, with the lowest being in 2015. The recent upturn in property values will start to show up in increased revenues in 2016, as taxes are collected in arrears.

The Emergency Medical Services division of the fire department has been significantly impacted by the Affordable Care Act (AFA) as well as the recession, no fault auto insurance, the Medicare Assignment Rule, and government sequestration of 2013.


Walpole, George Edgar

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George Walpole


George Walpole spent most of his 85 years living and working in Evergreen. According to earlier reports, that distinction qualified him as one of “Evergreen’s Old Timers.”

He was born in Idaho Springs in 1903. His parents, Charlotte Amelia Berrian and James Patrick Walpole later moved the family of four boys to Morrison. George attended the two-story limestone schoolhouse on Spring Street there, which, until the 1950s, was used for grades one through eight.

He proudly noted in his memoir that he made it through eighth grade without ever being tardy or absent.

One of his favorite early jobs, which he took on as a teenager, was as a printer’s devil or apprentice for the Morrison Monitor, a small hometown newspaper that operated until 1918.