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Singing that swan song

Written by Linda Kirkpatrick on .

This issue of JustAroundHere.com will be my last.

For the past 15 months I’ve been experiencing a roller coaster ride with health issues, relying on a handful of friends to help me keep up a front.  

Those health issues weren't enough to snuff me out, but promising something I wasn’t sure I could fulfill made selling advertising a challenge I just didn’t want to tackle. In my head I planned three or four different times when I thought I’d shut down – first in December, then April, then May…. Something always kept me from calling it quits, but July 25th is the official date for my swan song.

Providing a chronicle of the many worthwhile nonprofit causes in Evergreen has been a passion of mine. It’s been a way to stimulate community involvement and to get others involved.  This is the 344th weekly issue I've published over 7 years, having started in the fall of 2010.


The making of a ghost town

Written by Linda Kirkpatrick on .


These photos could very well become the new picture postcards of Evergreen. They tell a story about how a ghost town looks in its early stages of neglect and deterioration.

Without a city government (and I’m certainly not promoting one!), when things fall apart, they don’t get fixed.

There isn’t any clout in working with State and Federal entities to repair flood-damaged bridges. Nearly four years after flooding, we are still looking at cones, barriers and a one-lane bridge leading to the Lake House. Barriers along the lake trail keep visitors and locals alike from walking around the lake because of erosion undermining the embankment.

There aren’t any teeth. Volunteer groups have tried and tried over the years to address the issues but have been relatively unsuccessful at getting much done, whether it be improving sidewalks or crosswalks, or getting flood damage fixed.


80 hours of live jazz this weekend

Written by Jim Reiners on .

On July 28-30, Evergreen will become “Bourbon Street with Altitude” as it hosts the 16th annual Evergreen Jazz Festival.

Nationally known for its combination of top bands, intimate venues and appealing mountain setting, the Evergreen Jazz Festival will offer over 80 hours of live traditional jazz ranging from Dixieland to ragtime to blues, boogie-woogie and swing. This year's lineup includes three bands making their first-ever appearances in Evergreen.

The Barnhart-Midiri Quartet, featuring the irrepressible Jeff Barnhart on piano, flutist Anne Barnhart and brothers Joe and Paul Midiri on reeds and drums, is sure to makes its Evergreen debut swingin’ and memorable.

Also new for 2017, the Ellis Island Boys leave their steady gig at Disney California Adventure Park to bring their lively sound to the Rockies. Longtime Evergreen favorite Katie Cavera is with them, playing bass as “one of the boys.”

Rounding out the newcomers is The Brain Cloud from Long Island City, NY, and their incredible take on Western Swing and so much more.