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John Steinle retires from heading up Hiwan Homestead Museum

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April 29, 2016 will be the final day for John Steinle as director of the Hiwan Homestead Museum, a position he's held for 20+ years.  Friends and volunteers gathered at the Lariat Lodge on Wednesday, April 20th for a proper sendoff.

The Hiwan Homestead Museum is owned and operated by Jefferson County Parks and Open Space in cooperation with the Jeffco Historical Society.

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There’s nothing like having a near-death experience to put things into perspective

Written by Linda Kirkpatrick on .


Unable to find a creative writing class that fit my schedule and that of my friend Beth, we decided to take on our own writing project based on one Beth had been through 30+ years ago in college. In a class on death and dying, students were charged with writing a paper on the subject “If I only had six months to live.” Beth was curious how her perspective might have changed in the past three decades, and I thought it would be an interesting exercise.

Being the methodical person I am, I began with jotting down bullet points under five self-designated categories and learned many things at the end of two weeks.

I discovered I had no “bucket list” of things yet to see and experience. I’m fortunate to have seen and done lots of things/places around the world; and although I’ve not been everywhere, I really had no burning desire to have to travel somewhere I’d not yet been.

I concluded that expressing gratitude and making amends are two areas I tend to deal with along the way, generally not procrastinating nor taking for granted. But there are some people like spouses who always deserve more appreciation than already delivered. And there are some people who’ve not been responsive to attempts to build better relationships thus far, so I decided I wouldn’t devote any more energy to making that something to be achieved in my last six months. What would be would be.


Meet Ann Simpson

Written by Anne Vickstrom on .

To most people, doing what is expected of them is good enough. For Ann Simpson, going above and beyond is her norm. Whether teaching art at Evergreen Middle School, sculpting, painting, traveling, or being a wife and mom, Ann manages to put that extra touch into everything she does.

She grew up in Denver and graduated from George Washington High School. “Home of Chauncy Billups,” she laughed. “That’s what we’re known for!” What she’s known for is far richer than having celebrity.

Ann traveled to France for an academic year and was “one of the first Americans to be allowed into the L'Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux, France,” where she experienced her first traditional drawing class and studied art history. “I wrote a paper on the Impressionists in French,” she said, rolling her eyes. “We needed certain proficiency in order to be in the program. We stayed in homes, so that helped me improve my French, and a group of Americans who I hung out with agreed that we would only speak in French.” But for Ann, that wasn’t good enough.

“Every night I would learn ten new French words; my mind was spinning.” To this day she is a true advocate of ‘going to’ a language and learning it by using it. “I lived in a family with a doctor and an art teacher. They exposed me to art, wine – they really influenced my life. I loved living there. I wouldn’t have come home except that I had already met Rob,” she smiled.