CAE gala brings new arts center closer to opening

Written by Staff Editor on .

The annual Capital Campaign gala has become THE event to attend in Evergreen. And this year’s outdid previous years in many ways. Grace and Kirk Eberl of Ralston Ranch opened their 11,500-square-foot home for the occasion. The handsome wood and stone structure was named Colorado Home and Lifestyle’s Home of the Year in 2015.

The 200 people who mingled never made the place look even halfway crowded until the vocalist Natalie Oliver-Atherton sang and everyone gathered together – then the one room did look HALF crowded. Hear a sample of Natalie’s spectacular voice by clicking here

After the entertainment organizers got down to business attempting to raise the last $200,000 needed to complete Phase One of the new Center for the Arts Evergreen. Greg Dobbs served as auctioneer, working his charm on the audience. Pete Sabeff stepped forward in an impromptu fashion and posed a $50,000 challenge, which was easily met by bidders in the audience.

Marjie Eakin-Petty’s donated pastel painting drew silent bids. Winners of the bid were Dave and Cindy Higgins, who donated the painting back to CAE.

"What a special event!" said Carol Dobbs, president of CAE.  "I’m still smiling! The Eberl home and the beautiful Evergreen evening made our gala for 200 people seem like an intimate cocktail party. I think people really enjoyed themselves, and we are so appreciative of all the wonderful support for our new art center! It was beyond our hopes and expectations!"

The new Center for the Arts Evergreen is the former Bergen Park Church (and onetime Clear Creek Schoolhouse) now being renovated in Bergen Park.  Some of the photos above are from a tour for donors last Sunday morning. Plans are to take occupancy sometime in August and to host the Rocky Mountain Watermedia Exhibition September 16th – October 28th.