2014 Honoree Celebration

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With FirstBank and Walmart as top sponsors, the Evergreen Chamber and Leadership Evergreen joined forces for the annual Honoree Celebration at the Evergreen Elks Lodge.

The nominees for 2014 Leader of the Year were: Dean Dalvit, Marcel Flukiger, Greg Henika, Linda Kirkpatrick, Ellen O’Connor and Sharon Trilk. Architect Dean Dalvit was the winner, recognized for his passion for improving downtown Evergreen. He is founder and president of the Greater Downtown Evergreen Economic District where he’s helped to initiate the Legacy Fund, a voluntary sales tax implemented by downtown businesses to improve infrastructure, preserve Evergreen history and provide safe pedestrian walkways from Main Street to the lake.  Dean was instrumental in Evergreen’s recent selection to be in the incubator program for Colorado Creative Industries.

Leadership Evergreen recognized Linda Kirkpatrick with a first-ever Lifetime Leadership Award for her efforts to inform, inspire and galvanize the community for decades. Her community-wide campaigns include garnering support to build an ambulance facility, saving Noble Meadow (now part of Elk Meadow), and acquiring property for Buchanan Park and Stagecoach Park. In 1995 she co-founded Leadership Evergreen. She’s behind two publications that have promoted community involvement – Upbeat and Presenter Peggy Eggers said, “Many community leaders identify Linda as the go-to person for advice and in-depth knowledge of the community, and she is often aptly referred to as the ‘sage of Evergreen.’”

Bethany Cooke was named 2014 Youth of the Year.

Attorney Tim Wilson was named 2014 Young Professional of the Year. Heather Galaska and Rachel Nicks were also nominated.

Eric Breslin was selected to be 2014 Ambassador of the Year. Ellen O’Connor, John Ellis, Kayla Vella, Russell Hammond, and Annie Coppock were also contenders.

Sergeant Sean Renfro, the Sheriff’s deputy who gave his life while trying to help others during a snowstorm, was named 2014 Government Official of the Year. His widow, Crystal, was there to accept the honor on his behalf. Deputy Dee Patterson, Commissioner Casey Tighe and Commissioner Donald Rosier were also nominated.

Greg Henika, who lost his life in a tragic accident on Evergreen Lake in January of 2015, was honored as 2014 Volunteer of the Year. Fellow Kiwanians accepted the award on behalf of his wife and daughter. A special ed teacher at Evergreen High School for more than 30 years, he was a hands-on volunteer for countless activities for Blue Spruce Kiwanis and other events. Greg founded the Ice Golf Tournament to benefit the Kiwanis Aktion Club, which supports adults with disabilities. Other nominees for Volunteer of the Year were: Brenda and Wayne St. John, Joyce Masyga, John Ellis, Rebecca Kirschner, Connell O’Brien, and Rebecca Nickel.

The Evergreen Rotary Foundation won honors as 2014 Non-Profit of the Year, beating out Evergreen’s Alliance for Sustainability + You, Augustana Elk Run Assisted Living, The Evergreen Fire Department, Evergreen Christian Outreach, Center for the Arts Evergreen, Evergreen Elks Lodge #2363, Seniors’ Resource Center, Leadership Evergreen, Evergreen Players and Blue Spruce Kiwanis.

Pictures taken by Annie Coppock Photography are available for free downloads until April 30, 2015.  Professional quality prints can be ordered through this link as well.  CLICK HERE.  

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