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Local historical author Mike Foster releases his first novel

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Local author Mike Foster has written a fifth book and his first novel – This Above All

The book is about a mountaineer and athlete named Henry Howe, who wants to become an connoisseur of Renaissance painting, but his father wants him in the family insurance business.  The story involves achievement and suffering, passion and despondency, adventure and danger, learning and secrets.

It is a story of being true to oneself. "It is one thing to gain sufficient insight to know yourself; it is quite another to summon the courage to create a new self," he says.

Foster is a Colorado native with multiple careers including being a professor of European history, an executive in the nonprofit sector, and an independent scholar/freelance writer.  His writings include pieces on explorers of the American West, a biography on Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden and more than 30 articles on birds, natural history, mountaineering and the environment.

Published by CreateSpace, a subsidiary of Amazon. $14.95 for paperback. $2.99 for the Kindle. Easy online order: www.createspace.com/6206701. (If your Safari browser balks, try Firefox or Google Chrome.) The book is also available at Hearthfire Books.


Fewer than 100 copies left of the book on Mount Vernon Canyon

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Carole Lomond, the original owner and publisher of City and Mountain Views magazine for 20 years, recently wrote and published the history of the neighborhoods between El Rancho and Golden – The Delightful History of Mount Vernon Canyon.

The book is available at HearthFire Books in Bergen Park, but fewer than 100 copies of the limited edition book are still available.

Lomond's book details days gone by for the I-70 Corridor, from Morrison Road to Evergreen since 1859. Residents who've moved here recently might not know that passing through Mount Vernon Creek’s rugged canyon terrain was not reliable until 1937 when the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) built U.S. Hwy 40. Before then, people moved through Clear Creek Canyon to the north or Bear Creek Canyon to the south. In 1914, travelers had to make their way around the 56 curves in 4.5 miles of the Lariat Trail up from Golden.

Tourism was the primary industry until the 1960s when real estate development took over, building out much of the corridor when Interstate 70 made commuting to Denver convenient.  But more than half of the land has been preserved by Cabrini, Denver Mountain Parks, JeffCo Open Space, and community developers, Lomond points out.

The book covers historical places like Chief Hosa Lodge, Mt. Vernon Country Club, Boettcher Mansion, Buffalo Bill Grave & Museum and Mother Cabrini Shrine.  From the ski areas and fur farms to the funicular, the book has it all.  


Delany releases third in a series "The Moose Jaw - Book III (Grizzly Harvest)"

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Fans of local author Mike Delany's Alaska outdoor adventure novels will be pleased to know he has just published a new book in his popular Fergus O'Neill series. HearthFire Books in Bergen Village (1254 Bergen Parkway, D118 - 303-670-4549) will host an official launch of "The Moose Jaw - Book III (Grizzly Harvest)" on Thursday evening, March 12, 2015 from 5-7 pm.

Delany, HearthFire's best-selling local author in 2013, will be on hand to sign copies of his paperbacks, all three of which will be available for purchase during the event. Refreshments and canapes will be provided.


Former Evergreen resident publishes 22 conversations online

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Dedicated Coloradans reveal interesting their lives in a new interview and portrait book by Charles McNamara.  Meet John Shaffner (cowboy poet and chuck wagon cook), Will Morton (who restored the Kit Carson carousel) and Mike Keefe (Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist for the Denver Post), to name a few.

Shining Light is a collection of 22 revealing conversations, including black-and-white portraits, with people who share amazing stories about their lives. The eBook is published by former Evergreen resident, Charles McNamara, who collected the stories over the last three years for his on line magazine Tributary. One Flows into Another.

"Collecting stories is a family tradition started by my grandmother," Charles explains. "One of the stories I included, 'The Ballads Collector of Lake Champlain' reveals her relentless effort to find and record folk ballads, lyrical folksongs, early hillbilly pieces, French Canadian songs and fiddle tunes from steamboat captains, loggers, farmers, lumber jacks, and trappers in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. By the time she died in 1973, that collection consisted of 33 reel-to-reel tapes that held more than 450 recordings. The collection has become a valued treasure to the folk music industry.

“Don't ask me how it happened, but I became a journalist, as she had been, and three years ago started collecting interviews with people I found to be interesting including Dr. Bonnie Clarke, University of Denver archaeologist uncovering details of life during World War II at Amache, the Japanese Relocation Camp at Granada, Colorado.

"Carol Keller, has been a tour guide at the Colorado State Capitol for more than 25 years. She is 87 years old and started after she retired at 65 years of age. Wait until you hear some of her stories about this building.

"I have often comment to them, what a fascinating story, how come I’ve never heard of your work?

“ 'No one ever asked,' they usually reply, shrugging. I think the real answer is they never sought the spotlight. They are completely engaged in their work."

Recent review

"Shining Light is a book that inspires and helps restore one's faith in humanity, as one reads about dedicated people using their gifts and talents to make the world a better place. The people featured will never be on TV or in the newspapers, but are adding to the beautiful tapestry of life quietly, faithfully and humbly. The photography is outstanding, the interviews are meaningful and interesting, the diversity of people interviewed adds depth, and reading these interviews increases one's understanding and appreciation of the people around us.”

– Cheryl Touryan, author/graphic designer, Colorado Women of Vision.

Read an excerpt 

Purchase on line ($0.99) at Smashwords, Amazon (Kindle), Barnes and Noble

About the author:

Charles McNamara produced the Mountain Commuter, a monthly newsmagazine serving the residents of Evergreen and Conifer during the 1980s. He was the publisher of Vail/Beaver Creek Magazine. During his career he produced publications for the National Cattleman’s Association, Children’s World Learning Centers, Ski Card International, Metropolitan State College, Allied Jewish Federation of Denver and Manville.

He is continually involved in historical research, visiting museums, photographing sites of interest and gathering ideas for his next book. He is currently documenting Colorado's historic churches. Contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 720-951-0001.


Trails and Tales of Billy Raccoon

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Billy Raccoon in his Grand Colorado Adventure, discovers almost all the breathtaking landmarks and animals native to the state of Colorado.  This engaging story is beautifully illustrated and brings Colorado's spectacular sights and animal inhabitants to life through the eyes of an adorable black-masked raccoon.

Billy is a very curious little raccoon; and as he talks to the animals about the sights they see, like the Georgetown Loop Train, Sand Dunes National Park and out across the eastern plains of Colorado through the Comanche and Pawnee National Grasslands. Billy sees most of the state symbols and the national and state parks in Colorado while on his travels.

Billy Raccoon’s book series is designed for children but will teach people of all ages about one state at a time, focusing on the geography, animals, history, state symbols and the State and National Parks. "Trails and Tales of Billy Raccoon" is the first book in the series.

Included is a game to play where Billy asks questions about how many animals and sites did he see. The pages after the questions include the answers, page numbers, thumbnail picture and over 50 website links that will be live in the E-Book and online to download.


About the Author

Sue (Ross) Allegrezza, author and illustrator, has lived in Colorado close to 60 years. She moved to Colorado with her family when she was 8 and graduated from Arvada West High School. She now lives in the mountains near Denver, close to Billy Raccoon’s home.

Her post-secondary education includes classes at the University of Wyoming in Laramie and Engineering Drafting College, in Lakewood, Colorado. She earned an Associate Degree in Multimedia and Technology at Red Rocks Community College, also in Lakewood, and has spent more than 30 years as a drafter.