26th annual Triple Bypass adds options

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Team Evergreen again held its big bicycle ride – The 26th annual Triple Bypass – between Evergreen and Avon July 12 and 13, with three mountain passes in between.  The 120-mile ride includes Juniper Pass (11,140 ft.), Loveland Pass (11,990 ft.), Swan Mountain and Vail Pass (10,560 ft.) with a 10,000-foot gain in elevation.

A year or two ago, the group expanded the event by signing up cyclists to do the reverse ride, starting in Avon on Sunday morning and ending in Evergreen.  Some "double riders" did both trips back to back.  This year, they added a new twist, allowing three riders to form relay teams with each responsible for conquering one pass instead of all three.

With two ride days, the total number of available entries was 5,000 with 3,500 riders on the road Saturday, and up to 2,500 riders on Sunday; 1,000 riders participated both days as Double Triple Bypass riders.  With entry fees ranging from $150 to $375, the race has grown considerably over the years as a major fundraiser for Team Evergreen.  

Monies raised go back into the communities that support the event at the start and finish lines as well as the communities in between that help with logistics.  Between 700 and 900 volunteers are needed to support the effort.  Team Evergreen invites nonprofit groups to participate by supplying volunteers, and in turn, those groups are rewarded with generous checks when the dust settles.

In 2013 Team Evergreen handed out checks totaling $175,000.  Their charitable giving has exceeded $1.3 million to 60 organizations.

Volunteers help with stuffing packets, setting up, manning info booths, exchanging jerseys, serving food, selling merchandise, working lost and found, handing out medals, congratulating the riders as they cross the finish line, locking up bikes, parking, directing traffic, shuttling riders to their cards, and dealing with recylcing and waste.