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Fenced area of dog park being moved

Written by Katie Matthews on .

The Elk Meadow Park Dog Off-­‐leash Area (DOLA) in Evergreen has many safety and environmental challenges that have resulted in plans to close 99 of the 107 acres of the site on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 for major restoration work. A newly fenced area of approximately eight acres just under one mile of trail will remain open until a new site can be secured for this purpose. Keeping this eight-­‐acre area open is conditional upon dog owner compliance with parking and safety laws, waste pick up regulations, acceptable water quality and lack of further degradation of the site.

Jefferson County Open Space (JCOS) held a series of three community meetings between January and March of this year and gathered comments and suggestions. One of these suggestions was to move the fenced area to the east side of the park where the accessible Waggin’ Trail is located. “We thought this was a very good idea and as a result we are relocating the fenced area of the DOLA,” said Tom Hoby, Director of Jeffco Open Space. “It is our intent to offer uninterrupted service, protect water quality, improve visitor experience and have an accessible trail, while the search for a new suitable and sustainable site continues.”

The current fenced area of the park is located on a hillside that includes many drainages into the stream. By relocating this area further away from the stream and to more level ground, some of the challenges can be addressed temporarily. Additionally, the new area offers visitors access to an eight-­‐acre off-­‐leash area, while the majority of the park is closed for restoration. Meanwhile JCOS and local community partners will search for a new location that is better suited for this use and is more sustainable. Once a new site opens, the remaining fenced area of the Elk Meadow Park DOLA will be closed indefinitely to allow the entire area to be restored.

The Friends of Evergreen Dog Park (FEDP), a recently formed 501(c)(3) nonprofit, will help educate visitors, foster better stewardship by dog owners and assist with maintenance of the remaining eight-­‐acre fenced portion of the Elk Meadow Park DOLA that will remain open under strict conditions. These conditions include immediate and ongoing acceptable water quality levels, and compliance with all park regulations, parking and crosswalk requirements. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in immediate closure of the remaining fenced area.

To address public safety concerns on Stagecoach Boulevard adjacent to the DOLA, JCOS is working with Page 2 of 2 Jefferson County Transportation and Engineering to discontinue parking along the road and implement tow away zones. The south parking lot will be designated for disabled, emergency and staff parking.

The upcoming closed area of the DOLA will be strictly enforced in accordance with the Jefferson County Open Space regulation C.5. Natural Resources Protection that carries a $100 fine for the first offense.

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Off-leash dog park to close, county seeking new site

Written by Matt Robbins on .

The Elk Meadow Park Dog Off‐leash Area (DOLA) in Evergreen has become so popular with dog owners that the land has suffered from overuse near the point of no return. The high level of use, coupled with challenging site constraints, has resulted in unsafe conditions for visitors and dogs, trampled natural vegetation, poor water quality, eroding soils and streambanks and lack of compliance from park visitors. Due to these conditions, the majority of the Elk Meadow Park DOLA will be closed on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 for major restoration work. The fenced area of the park will remain open and will undergo changes in management.

The remainder of the park will be closed indefinitely in order to allow the area to recover using tailored management strategies. “The tough decision to close the majority of the park became the most responsible choice to address the safety and environmental challenges at this site,” said Tom Hoby, Director of Jeffco Open Space. “We are currently working with a local group in order to keep a portion of the park open under strict conditions. These conditions include immediate and ongoing acceptable water quality levels, and compliance with all park regulations, parking and crosswalk requirements. If visitors to this area fail to comply with these requirements the remaining fenced area will be closed as well.”

A local group, called the Friends of Evergreen Dog Park (FEDP), is currently forming a non‐profit organization that will help to manage the portion of the Elk Meadow Park DOLA that will remain open. To address the current challenges, the FEDP will work to create a culture of voluntary compliance and stewardship through education and peer monitoring.

Jeffco Open Space hopes to offer uninterrupted access to this off‐leash area while a search is conducted for a new off‐leash area. Once a new site has been opened, the remaining fenced area of the Elk Meadow Park DOLA will be evaluated for future uses.


Ice skating ends prematurely, Lake House remains open on weekends

Written by Lisa Hamm-Greenawalt on .

Warm temperatures and melting ice have forced Evergreen Park & Recreation District (EPRD) to close its entire outdoor ice rink for the season.

Since pleasant temperatures are attracting community members to Evergreen Lake to play, Evergreen Lake House will remain open on weekends from 9 am - 5 pm until early March. The public is welcome to come inside to purchase snacks, beverages and apparel; use the restrooms, or just warm up.

Please call the Lake House Hotline at 720-880-1391 before coming to the lake to make sure the facility is open. (It may be closed for a private event.)

The early ice rink closing presents opportunities for engaged couples, businesses and community organizations to hold weddings, special events and fundraisers for a deep discount. Lake House rentals will be discounted 50% through March 8, 2017. Contact Lorna Bleck, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 720-880-1310, to inquire.

Evergreen Lake House is located at 29612 Upper Bear Creek Road, Evergreen. The 5,000-square-foot lodgepole pine building on 55 acres at the edge of scenic Evergreen Lake features a great room with cathedral ceiling and a stone fireplace, catering facilities, and a smaller, windowed octagonal room facing the lake.

Keep your eyes trained on the northeast corner of the rink, where the Evergreen Ice Melt barrel gets closer every warm day to falling into the water in Evergreen Lake and winning someone a cash prize. Proceeds from this fundraiser benefit EPRD Special Needs, Evergreen Christian Outreach and the Mountain Foothills Rotary Foundation. Buy tickets at


Team Dangleberries 1 Wins 7th Annual Evergreen Pond Hockey Championship

Written by Lisa Hamm-Greenawalt on .

The team Dangleberries #1 won the 2017 Evergreen Pond Hockey Championship, organized by Evergreen Park & Recreation District (EPRD) on the largest Zamboni-groomed outdoor rink in the world.

Fifty-five teams, coming from as far as Ireland, competed in the tournament on the 8.5-acre rink on Jan. 7 and 8 at Evergreen Lake.

Teams vied for a $1,500 cash prize for the champions in the Open Division, plus cash prizes for all divisions.

Here are full results:

Open Division

1. Dangleberries #

2. Das Hockey

3. Dangleberries #2

Rink Rat Open Division

1. Beercules

2. Shenanigans

3. Pond Stars 

Rink Rat Amateur Division

1. Puck Norris

2. Dixon Cider

3. Kings

40+ Division

1. Loons

2. Drizzle Dees

Teams played a minimum of three games each, with two 15-minute periods per game, 4 on 4 (with teams of up to eight members to facilitate player rotation).

Tournament sponsors included Beau Jo's Pizza, Tivoli Brewing Company, da Vinci Realty, Evergreen Clothing Company, Red Bull, Muscle Milk, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Elevated Living Real Estate, Evergreen Brewery & Tap House and the Highland Haven.


Special Olympics Wildcats compete in unified basketball game

Written by Staff Editor on .

The special needs program of Evergreen Park & Rec held its annual basketball clinic at the Wulf Center on Sunday, January 15th.  Evergreen Boys and Girls Basketball Teams along with middle school students Charley Hellums and Aaron Browne helped with a clinic and unified basketball game for the Evergreen Park & Recreation District's Special Olympics Wildcat basketball team. It was a huge success and fun for all!

Quinn Newhall did the play-by-play announcing.  Rod Schreiber and Jeff Mages did the officiating. 

As is customary at this event, the Special Needs Program gives out Hero Awards.  Recipients were Bill and Phillipa Flaherty, Cheryl Newhall, Lori Graham and Danette Regan.

Maren Schreiber, coordinator of the program said, "Thank you for being a supporters for all these years. I remember when Bill called me after reading an article in the Canyon Courier and said, 'How can I help the Special Needs program?' They have supported for many years and have made it possible for our basketball team to travel and to play in the Lakewood League. Thank you for always being positive and supportive we appreciate you!" 

Then, in addressing Cheryl Newhall, Maren said, "Thank you for all you do for the Special Olympians, taking photos of EPRD’s Special Needs Programs, including the Plunge, Camp, Youth basketball, Horseback riding, Swimming and this showcase. You also made an amazing calendar. I just want you to know when I ask you if you can help out that you are always so positive and smiley…we need more people in this world like you. Thank you for showing our community through pictures not the disability of the participants but their ability to have an amazing quality of life. You are a true gift to the community…thank you, you are a hero."

Lori Graham and Danette Regan were next in receiving Maren's praise.  "Thank you for being volunteer Special Olympics Golf Coaches for 15 years for the district. Your support and effort have made the Evergreen Special Olympics Golf team the best and a one time the biggest in the state. Thank you for your commitment to the athletes and to sharing your passion of golf.  Kudos for your patience, your excellent coaching and your friendship. I’m so glad I roped you into this all those years ago and that you have given the participants the chance to experience a quality of life they otherwise would not have." 

Sponsors of the event included:  Evergreen Clothing Company, Baskin Robbins, Messler Enterprises, Colorado Special Olympics, Cheryl Newhall Photography, and AlphaGrapics.