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ENN announces its annual Koffee Kickoff

Written by Tamra Hall on .

Anyone considering being part of the Evergreen Newcomers and Neighbors (ENN) organization is invited to attend the annual Koffee Kickoff on Saturday, August 12th from 9 to noon. It's the perfect way to find out about local Evergreen activity groups.

ENN offers over 28 different activity groups for singles and couples ranging from outdoor activities (hiking, biking, golf, 4x4, sporting clays) to social clubs (investment, book, quilting, bridge, bunco, potluck) to wine and craft beer tasting groups. The club also provides community volunteer opportunities.

The Kickoff Koffee is being held at the Evergreen Fire & Rescue Administrative Building, 1802 Bergen Parkway, Evergreen. Whether you are new to Evergreen or if you have lived here for 30 years, this is a great opportunity to meet new friends! Join us for morning coffee, juice and pastries and browse the activity group tables to learn what Evergreen Newcomers and Neighbors (ENN) offers.

For a complete list of the activity groups, please visit the website at ENN is a non-­‐profit organization for residents of Evergreen and the surrounding communities.


ENN adds a "Singles List"

Written by Staff Editor on .

Evergreen Newcomers and Neighbors has announced a new activity group – Singles List! It’s for those who might like to find someone with whom he or she might attend an ENN function or have a reason for two people to converse who’ve not yet met each other. There are plenty of ENN members who have been hesitant to attend events because they are single. Now there’s a reason to get out there for that very reason.

The group is not limited to singles, but it’s especially meant to encourage participation by those who are not in a partnership or marriage. They can be assured they won’t be the “only” one at this event without a partner. Contact Darlene Melton at 708-846-0599 or Jane Stewart at 303-953-8291 with questions or to ask about becoming a member of ENN.


ENN adds three new activity groups including craft beers and motorcycles

Written by Michelle Barbieri on .

Evergreen Newcomers and Neighbors (ENN) is a Social Non-profit Club that is open to everyone in the Evergreen and surrounding neighborhoods. ENN offers friends and neighbors, new and old, the opportunity to make new friends and enjoy social and active gatherings nearby and around our beautiful state.

ENN is pleased to announce the addition three new Activity Groups including a Craft Beer Tasting Group, a Motorcycle Club and a Fine Wine Tasting Group. ENN currently has 27 Activity Groups ranging from Bowling and Bridge to Hiking and Fly Fishing!

Please visit the ENN website at or join us for coffee, juice and pastries at the annual Koffee Kickoff where you can meet ENN members and speak to each of the 27 Activity Group Leaders. The Koffee Kickoff is Saturday, August 12th from 9 am to 12 pm at the Evergreen Fire & Rescue Administrative Building, 1802 Bergen Parkway, Evergreen. Stop in to learn more about our fun and social club and activities!


Evergreen Newcomers welcomes new members

Written by Staff Editor on .

Of all the many activity groups available to members of Evergreen Newcomers & Neighbors, here are two excerpts from the February newsletter that may just pique your interest:

WAG (Women Aging Gracefully) This group meets on the 4th Monday each month at 10:00 a.m. in volunteer host homes for a snack and programs or speakers on topics of interest to women. Carpooling is available. This group of 12+ women have lively discussions (held confidential) and enjoy having fun!  Come for a visit and see for yourself. Game parties and events are held three times per year. Each month one person presents a mini biography of herself and friendships form from there. WAG is open to all ENN women. Simone Simpson will present a Healthy Eating/ Diabetic Foods Demonstration on February 27th.

Motorcycles – Our area is LOADED with great motorcycling roads, and fantastic destinations. Sometimes we just need an excuse to go ride, so Jet's get together and enjoy the passion of riding with those who share that passion. Every biker has favorite roads m1d destinations, and this is an opportunity to share those with others, and to discover new favorites. We can do regular day rides, interspersed with overnight/weekend rides to places too far for a single day. There are lots of places to go see, things to do, and food to eat in or near Colorado, so let's go see them and do them on our bikes/trikes. All makes, models, skill levels are encouraged. Contact the leader for more information. Is it the destination or the journey? Does it matter?

For more information about Evergreen Newcomers, click here.  From biking to fine wines, mah jong to poker night, there's something for everyone.  People who've lived in Evergreen for quite some time are just as plentiful as those who've just recently moved here.  


ENN celebrates the contributions of Darla Schwartz

Written by Staff Editor on .

Members of Evergreen Newcomers and Neighbors showed their appreciation to Darla Schwartz at a recent Happy Hour at The Wild Game.  Darla has coordinated the "Serindipity" committee for a few years now, planning four to six outings for ENN members each month.  From breakfasts to touring museums, she's ensured a wide variety of well-attended activities.  Darla and her husband, Ben, have moved down the hill into a retirement community, so she's turning over the reins to several new somebodies to chair sub-groups.

Darla created the Serendipity leg of ENN many years ago.  She says she was part of Newcomers for 18 or 19 of the 20 years she lived in Evergreen.  One of her favorite activities happened around Halloween when members would travel to the Columbia Cemetery in Boulder for a Banjo Billy Bus Tour.  People in costume would act the part of the famous and colorful people buried there; "Meet the Spirits" was the name of the biennial event.

ENN has approximately 30 activity groups – something for everyone.  The group is a nice mix of people who have lived in Evergreen for a long time and those who are truly "newcomers."  For more information about becoming a member, click here.