Douglas, Julia Brewster

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Miss Julia

Evergreen's First Librarian


For health reasons, relocated to Evergreen in 1917 from New Jersey where she had been a school teacher and librarian.  The sister of Charles Winfred Douglas, who owned what is now the Hiwan Homestead Museum.

Started her library in a storefront on Main Street in 1917 with 400 books and $25.  Her brother and sister-in-law, Josepha, had a small stone building constructed by Jock Spence, the same architect and builder responsible for the Homestead, behind the Church of the Transfiguration.  It served as both a library and a home for Miss Julia.

According to the historical records, the library received no funding and was primarily run off money from subscription cards obtained for 25 cents per month and penny-a-day checkout fees.

Many of the books were donated by patrons and Julia's former employer, John Cotton Dana.  The library was run this way until she died at age 83.

Source:  Photo and information from the Jefferson County Historical Society and the Hiwan Homestead Museum.