Lange, Lois

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Lois Lange

(1926 - 2016)

Having spent her formative years moving from state to state in the Northeast, Lois logged a significant part of her working years with Guideposts Magazine, founded by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.  After retiring from that job, she relocated to Evergreen, following her son and daughter-in-law.  The beauty of the state and her fascination with its rich history were as much of an attraction as being close to relatives.

Her desire to remain active and involved caused Lois to get involved with the Evergreen community, first by volunteering at the Hiwan Homestead Museum and the Jefferson County Historical Society.  When the Humphrey Memorial Park & Museum opened in 1996, she became a key player.  Lois had been a close friend of Hazel Lou Humphrey's, and Hazel Lou's wish to turn her home into a museum was something Lois took seriously.  Since 1996 Lois has acted as a historian for the museum, researching and compiling data, then writing scripts for the volunteer tour guides.  She's given many a tour herself.

The house that is the Humphrey Museum (part of it built in 1878) was orginally part of the 350-acre Humphrey Ranch in the eastern part of Soda Creek.  The Humphrey family acquired it in 1920 when Hazel Lou was just two years old.  The park and museum take up just 40 or fewer acres now but continue to exemplify Colorado ranching life in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  The house reflects the worldwide travels of Hazel Lou's mother and grandmother.  Hazel Lou's father, Lucious Humphrey, was a newspaper man in Denver, and is reputed to be the first daily commuter from Evergreen to Denver.

Lois Lange's love for this museum has been the driving force that has kept it on the map thus far.


Sources:  Susan Lange (daughter-in-law) and the Humphrey Memorial Park & Museum website.