Moore, Ann A.

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Ann Moore

1934 -


Born and raised in Ohio, Ann received her B.S. in nursing and health from the University of Cincinnati and became a pediatrics instructor at Columbia University in Babies Hospital. She participated in two international work camps – Morocco and Germany – before joining the Peace Corps in 1962 as a nurse on a medical team in Togo, West Africa. She met and married Mike Moore in Peace Corps training.

In 1964 Ann and her mother invented the Snugli baby carrier inspired by the “mothering” of the African parent upon returning from Togo. Ann started a cottage industry based in Evergreen but employing approximately 150 workers in Ohio who manufactured the cloth baby carrier that enabled a parent to carry an infant (front or back) and still have two hands free. She received a patent on the invention in 1969. Manufacturing later shifted to a plant in Lakewood; and after 20 years, the company was sold to Gerry Baby Products, which dramatically changed the design.

She was recognized by The Wall Street Journal as "one of the most influential inventors" and credited in a piece by CBS News as having changed the way parents related to kids.  She was featured with others at the Smithsonian's National Museum of African Art in October 1999.

Other inventions included another soft baby carrier in 1999 called Weego and in the mid 1980s, a back pack for portable oxygen for oxygen-dependent folks, again providing a hands-free solution. The latter was cause for a new business, AirLift.  She has also developed numerous carrying cases for use in the medical and high-tech industry.  She has many patents to her credit.

She is currently a member of the Advisory Board, University of Colorado, the College of Nursing and EAS+Y (Evergreen Alliance for Sustainability + You). The Moores built a net zero (totally “green”) house in 2009.

Ann served as a member of the Rocky Mountain Regional Advisory Board of the Environmental Defense Fund from 1988-199 and volunteered with the Open Living School in the 1972, serving as the coordinator of Volunteers.

Ann is active in Evergreen Rotary, the Evergreen Chorale, Baroque Folke (and the Yale Alumni Chorus.  She is a director of Evergreen Alliance For Sustainability + You (EAS+Y) and the University of Colorado College of Nursing Advisory Board.

Ann and Mike are very much a part of the Evergreen community, participating in and supporting the arts and other worthwhile endeavors.


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