Hazelrigg, Luanne

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Luanne Hazelrigg

(1933 - )

Moved to Evergreen in 1972. As the mother of three daughters who attended schools in Evergreen, Luanne was in the forefront of a movement to organize parent support groups on the junior high and high school levels at a time when these were not particularly welcomed by educators. The high school saw seven principals in five years and was considered by many to be in a state of disarray as a result. Luanne was very involved with the school curriculum, establishing a code for students’ rights and responsibilities, and addressing other educational concerns.

Board of Education

She was elected to the Jefferson County Board of Education in 1977 (the first woman to be elected to that position) and served for eight years, including a term as President. Jeffco was a large school district and, at that time, ranked as one of the top school systems in the country. It was a time of immense fiscal challenges for the R-1 school district. The energy crisis in the ‘70s impacted the budget at the district level, as did the federal and state mandates to accommodate the special needs population. With the addition of 15,000 students to the district between approved bond issues (equivalent to 10 high schools), the board faced numerous hurdles. 29,000 were on year-round education. Bond approval in 1985 enabled the district to get off year-round education, which was considered very difficult to implement.

Some schools were closed because of aging populations; others, like Evergreen, were on double schedules with the tremendous growth the community had experienced, in part by the opening of the Johns-Manville world headquarters in Ken Caryl in the early ‘70s. Evergreen had become a commuter community with the opening of Interstate 70 just west of Denver in the late 1960s. From a population of about 2,800 year-round residents in 1970 Evergreen added roughly 10,000 new residents each decade, leveling out about the turn of the century.


In 1979, Luanne was one of six who founded Bootstraps, an organization that quietly worked with teachers, counselors, and administrators at Evergreen High School to identify students with potential who might not be able to pursue additional education without outside help and who, in most cases, did not get parental encouragement to do so. The organization provided interest-free student loans to selected graduates and teamed board members as mentors to students throughout their college years. Bootstraps offered incentives for students to achieve and repay their loans on time.

Girl Scouts, Jefferson Foundation, State Land Board, UNC

Luanne was an active leader with the Girls Scouts on a local basis but later on a regional basis, serving as President of Mile Hi Council.

Named Evergreen’s Person of the Year in 1984. Served on numerous boards including that of the Jefferson Foundation and the State Land Board. Appointed by Governor Roy Romer to serve on the Board of Trustees for the University of Northern Colorado.

Relocated to Denver in 1999. Married to Chuck Hazelrigg.

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