Sternberg, Eugene D.

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Gene Sternberg


Gene Sternberg grew up in Czechoslovakia, starting his architectural studies in Prague and finishing them in Cambridge, England.  Came to Denver in 1947 to teach at Denver University's short-lived School of Architecture and Planning and in 1949 started his own architectural practice, focusing on social architecture (schools, hospitals and clincics, libraries, affordable housing projects, credit union buildings, and offices for rural electrical cooperatives).

He and his wife Barbara first bought land on Blue Creek Road in 1949.  Upon retirement in 1972, they acquired an old log home on Upper Bear Creek Road where they lived for 27 years.  Retirement enabled Gene to become part of the Evergreen community.  He served for many years on the Jefferson County Planning Commission, was a founding director of the Upper Bear Creek Sanitation District, and an active member of the Seniors' Resource Center Building Committee.  He planted the original seed that blossomed into Art for the Mountain Community, the organization that today provides such a bounty of sculpture throughout Evergreen.

Co-authored the book Evergreen, Our Mountain Community (1987, updated and reprinted in 1993 and 2004) with all proceeds donated to the Evergreen Kiwanis Foundation.

Source:  Barbara Sternberg

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