Post, Amos

Written by Linda Kirkpatrick on .

One of 10 young men who accompanied Thomas Bergen from Illinois in 1859; built a general store near the Begen's lodging house; opened a trading post on what is now Evergreen's Main Street to serve the logging business along Bear Creek. Founded the first trading post in Bergen Park and later in Evergreen.  (In more recent years that spot has been a restaurant under many names and ownerships:  The Post House, The Wolf House, Jonathan Wolf's, SoHo Evergreen, Bistro Blue, and as of Dec. 2010, Rio del Sol.)

Prior to the name "Evergreen," the community was referred to as "The Post" after his trading post. Filed and worked timber and mining claims and served for a time as the Evergreen Postmaster. Proprietor of the Bear Creek Stage Line;. Married Sarah Ellen Bergen in 1862.


Source:  Evergreen Our Moutnain Community - Sternberg - 1987; Jeffco Archives 11/2008, Linda Kirkpatrick