Parker, Randolph “Trey” Severn, III

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Trey Parker

(1969 - )

Since 1997, Comedy Central’s infamous show “South Park” has both entertained and appalled audiences with its broad-spectrum of topics and outlandish comedy. Set in a remote mountain town, “South Park” has gained attention not only in Colorado but also across America. This one-of-a-kind show is, in part, the brainchild of Evergreen High School alumnus Trey Parker.

Randolf Severn Parker III was born in Conifer to parents Randy and Sharon, names that are shared (along with with that of his older sister Shelley) by the family of "South Park" character Stan Marsh. The “III” earned him his nickname “Trey.”

His play-writing and acting abilities were highlighted at an early age in his first sketch for school, “The Dentist.” Even as a kid, he appalled audiences with crude humor and copious amounts of fake blood, sending several parents complaining to the school principal. But despite his unique sense of humor, it was undeniable that Trey had a passion for performance.

Trey’s deep love for musical theater inspired him to join the Evergreen Players and star in several local musicals. At Evergreen High School, he was active in the school’s choir department as president of choir counsel and took part in the annual musicals.

Parker first left Colorado after high school to attend the Berklee College of Music in Boston. He later transferred to the University of Colorado in Boulder where he met his writing and performing partner-in-crime, Matt Stone, his “South Park” co-writer and producer. Even while pursuing majors in music and Japanese, Parker found time to write more original works, including his first musical, “Cannibal! The Musical.” That was only the beginning of his professional career.

Post-graduation, after producing multiple over-the-top shorts and stage productions that were passed around LA and Hollywood, Trey and Matt were asked to create an animated Christmas card for a FoxLab executive. The short was called “The Spirit of Christmas,” starring four boys named Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Eric. The short video was wildly popular amongst the production scene. From the short, “South Park” was born.

The show officially got its start in 1997 and as of 2012 is in its 16th season. Parker, who lends his voice to several of the shows characters, won four Emmy Awards for his performances on “South Park.” When the duo later created a full-length feature film, “South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut,” the show gained a new level of prominence. From the movie, Trey Parker earned himself an Academy Award nomination in 1999 for his original song, “Blame Canada.”

Parker’s first Broadway musical, “The Book of Mormon,” received nine Tony Awards in 2011, including Best Musical.

Throughout his career, Parker has become known for his ridiculous and downright obscene shorts, movies, and shows. Though he resides in Los Angeles, California, his Evergreen-inspired show, “South Park” keeps him connected to his mountain roots.