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Brougham, Glen S. "Rocky"

Written by Stephen Knapp on .



Rocky the Leprechaun

(1950 - ) 


Rocky Brougham is a poet. The longtime Evergreen resident is also a skilled artist, and he’s danced professionally. Rocky is a freelance writer and the author of outdoor guidebooks. He’s a popular radio personality, a consummate marketing consultant, and he’s got a rock-solid foundation in the mineral sciences.

“That’s where I got my nickname,” smiles Rocky, a congenial man with the gift to entertain. “I started collecting rocks when I was six.” He still does. The hand-crafted stone fireplace Rocky built while expanding his 90-year-old creek-side cabin holds many a sample collected during frequent trips abroad. “It contains stones from the Great Pyramid, the Great Wall of China and Stonehenge,” he says. “And what do you make of this?” Rocky hands over a rough-looking twist of concentrated grit about the size of a horseradish root. “It’s fulgurite – you could call it fossilized lightning.”