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Bascio, Monica

Written by Jo Ann M. Colton on .


Monica Bascio, paralympic medalist, World Champion athlete

(1969 - )

Many people come to realize that life is often more about the journey rather than the destination. As such, we are never sure where life’s road might lead us, a fact to which wife and mother Monica Bascio can attest. While the life journey of this unpretentious young Evergreen woman has seen many twists, turns, and detours, her strength and perseverance have not only enabled her to overcome many obstacles, but also achieve great successes.

Monica Bascio was part of the 2014 U.S. Paralympic Team and participated in three events in Sochi, Russia. She placed 7th in the women's long-distance (10-kilometer) cross-country sit-skiing competition. Her competitive sports career began in 2000 when she was named Wheelchair Athlete of the Year. Over the years she has become a World Champion athlete and Paralympic winner of multiple gold and silver medals.