Dr. Richard Powell

Written by Ruth Morehouse on .

Dr. Richard Powell has been serving the residents of the Evergreen area for more than 49 years. He is the perfect dentist for people who are a little uneasy about going under the drill. He immediately puts you at ease and the next minute he’ll have you laughing at his jokes. While he is very reassuring and laid back in his personal approach, his dental practices are very exact and efficient and he always maintains a high standard of professionalism. He is known to really go out of his way to assist patients in emergencies, coming in on weekends or early mornings to fix a problem if necessary.

If you want to get an insider’s Evergreen history lesson while visiting the dentist, he’s your man. He spent many years on various community and civic boards in Evergreen and has observed the progress of the town for five decades. Dr. Powell is the kind of professional that makes it very special to live in Evergreen.