Meet Paula Barnes

Written by Ruth Morehouse on .


It is especially nice to honor Paula Barnes this week because she epitomizes the very best that Evergreen has to offer in terms of being a caring community member and committed volunteer activist. For ten and a half years Paula served in the unofficial but beloved position of everybody’s dear friend, mother substitute, champion, and cheerleader as she owned and managed Caffé di Lucca near the lake.

Although Paula is officially retired from Caffé di Lucca, she is still working very hard to help the people of our community. Paula is in her fourth year on the Board of Mt. Evans Hospice and with her freer schedule has been instrumental in facilitating a collaborative arrangement between Mt. Evans and Elk Run Assisted Living Community. Because of her efforts there are now two newly furnished rooms at Elk Run that can be used by local citizens to temporarily house family members who are in transition from one level of care to another, as respite care, or during rehabilitation from surgery. Participants and their families can enjoy the attractively appointed rooms that are also designed for efficient medical care while receiving excellent services from the staff at Mt Evans Hospice.

Thanks Paula, you are a community treasure.