Meet Therese Wahlstrom

Written by Linda Kirkpatrick on .

You may have come across Therese in one of a number of places over the years.  Long-ago graduates of Evergreen High School might recognize her from her work in the high school library.  Book lovers knew her from the Yankee Doodler where she worked for more than 10 years.  She served as the church secretary at Evergreen Lutheran Church for 22 years before retiring in the past year, but she's still active in the choir there as well as with the quilters known as Peacemakers, the group that makes quilts and prayer shawls for people going through difficult times.

You might have seen her cashiering at the church's annual Grove Sale, or perhaps you handed her a check when she handled registration at the Freedom Run.  Or was it at the 9Health Fair?  Or was she the nice lady who greeted you at the Mt. Evans Hospice receptionist area?  She volunteers there a half-day each week.  She's been active in the community for more than 40 years!

These days she's heading up the committee to make angel doll clothes for Camp Comfort, a camp for children who have lost a parent or other family member, conducted by Mt. Evans Hospice.  Children are each given angel dolls to dress as they remember the family member who's passed on.  From jeans and sweatshirts to fancier clothes, Therese helps coordinate the handcrafting of wardrobes from which the children can choose.

She loves to quilt, knit, play bridge, and travel.  She's one of those people who's so recognizable by so many -- and one who always has a smile for everyone!  And, coincidentally, this week she's celebrating a birthday!