Meet Pandora Reagan

Written by Penny Randell on .

While musing over what makes Evergreen so notable, few could deny that it’s the giving nature of the people who live here. Pandora Reagan is one who raises the bar on such. Her work record alone reflects a devoted history of service that’s hard to beat.

A military father and a German national mother fostered tenets of love, wit, and kindness that culminated into a “natural” for service work. Growing up in Virginia, Pandora says that her childhood was practically perfect and her mother’s “go-getter” demeanor set the path for her education and employment.

After achieving her masters in special education at the University of Colorado, she embarked on a career teaching high school students with behavioral issues and began volunteering for Habitat for Humanity in Denver, something that changed her life’s direction forever. Volunteer work led to a paying job as marketing director for Habitat for Humanity, a position she described as “the most amazing job” and cherished every day creating programs for the organization. After more than 10 years of service in Denver, she gravitated toward the mountains and accepted a job as Director of Fundraising with Blue Spruce Habitat here in Evergreen where she spent the next 5 years.

At the time there were no working programs and she took on successfully organizing fundraising events. For example, Hard Hats and High Heels Benefit events began as a mere barbecue and has grown into attendance of more than 200 today.

It was 2011 when Pandora’s working hours were cut and her divorce occurred. Her believed bliss was unsuspectingly disrupted, forcing her to seek another path. It wasn’t long after that Pandora was formally introduced to John Erlandson and a new life was instantly born. In retrospect, she confesses that within a matter of a few weeks they were both “all in.” But, the need for a better income persisted and efforts to address the issue took center stage. Coincidentally, at the same time John was also searching for opportunities along with a new way of life. Together they began to consider real estate and finally opted for the exam. It was a true joint effort, for the couple even studied together; both passing with flying colors.

Pandora says she loves homes and selling homes, but it’s the people that keep her happy and well entertained. Working in the business since November of 2013 has produced 25 closures under the title of Pandora John Properties with a ReMax affiliation, the result of a heavy work schedule they both enjoy. Working side by side they maintain a close relationship with all their clients and attribute their rapid success to that effort. But it’s still the volunteering that keeps this lady particularly buoyant, and she considers that just as dear as the making of money.

In December Pandora John Properties was recognized by the Chamber as the Emerald Award winner for being "uniquely Evergreen."  They were also recipients of the 2014 Colorado Serenity Magazine Shining Standard Award for “Recognized Excellence.”

Both Pandora and John donate precious hours of their busy lives whenever possible to give to the community. The couple has lived at Alderfer Ranch here in Evergreen for three years now, serving as caretakers, and is responsible for instigating benefit concerts.

With the enthusiastic support of Hank Alderfer, former owner of the barn, the first of many barn dances took place in the fall of 2012. They enlisted the approval of Scott Robson, former executive director of Evergreen Parks and Recreation, which owns the barn, and have produced “Boogie at the Barn” seven times to date. Pandora says the structure is too beautiful not to be accessed by the public, and she and John are able to see that it is shared with the community. All proceeds are given to public charities and the recreational department. The dances are known for having “great spirit” and remain a thriving event, with May 16 being the first scheduled “Boogie” this year.

The big event of the year at the barn, however, will be Pandora and John's wedding on June 27th.

Because they are caretakers of Alderfer, they live in the house and maintain the five acres it sits on. They both feel privileged to live there and provide snowshoe outings for those who want to come along. Additional music benefits can be seen about town, such as the special needs programs for Evergreen Christian Outreach. Pandora is a board member for Leadership Evergreen and is involved in John’s musical endeavors whenever possible.

Travel has always been a huge attraction to her and she has often integrated it with her passion to volunteer. Her trips to Jordan, the Philippines, Zambia and Belfast have all been volunteer and self-funded. Too, she is an avid outdoor enthusiast and longs to add a 20,000-foot mountain climb to her successful Peruvian conquest of 18,000 feet. She says that she has packed a lot of life into her few years in Evergreen, but it isn’t over yet…by far.

Perhaps it’s Pandora’s adventurous nature that gives her the stamina her life demands.

While she tells her stories, her love of Evergreen and commitment to the community is obvious. She cherishes the plaque John gave her not long ago, which also illustrates the way she feels about her home: “All my journeys have led to you.”