Meet Ricky Salazar

Written by Ruth Morehouse on .

When talking with Ricky Salazar, you get the message that he is absolutely appreciative and feels blessed to have the privilege of living and working in Evergreen for the past 14 years. And, visiting Ricky’s hair salon, Studio 424 (in the ShowBarn Plaza on Meadow Drive), and having the opportunity to get your hair done by Ricky is one of the absolute delights of living in the Evergreen community.

Ricky has a way of putting his clients at ease and creates a friendly, laid-back ambiance in his place of business. He is particularly good at reading the mood of his clients and seems to know when to chat or when you just need a respite from your stressful work day while he works his magic on your locks. While the rewarding experience starts with the comfortable ambiance, his even greater claim to local fame is the artistry with which he can cut, color and style a person's hair.

He has a good eye, a discriminating sense of style, and a commitment to bring out the attractiveness in each person, whether they are young or old, male or female, hip or traditional.  His clients run the gamut.   When asked “What is the secret of your success in our town?” he replies, "the bottom line is you have to make people look good.” Ricky assures this by keeping up with the latest techniques and styles and intuiting with remarkable success what will work for each individual.

Ricky originally moved to Evergreen because he wanted to raise his three sons in a smaller, more personable community. Well, two out of thee of them have been launched, and the youngest is close behind. Although he has also lived and worked in the biggest cities and the most elite resort towns, Ricky is very satisfied with his choice to move here. His kids were actively involved in school sports; and as a devoted, involved father he is grateful that they were able to blossom in the serene, safe surroundings of Evergreen. He and his equally charming spouse Kelly Pearce, who works at Children’s Hospital, plan to continue to enjoy living in Evergreen while he continues making it just a little more beautiful to live here.