Dale Gibbins

Written by Ruth Morehouse on .

A few warm days in early spring can quickly get winter-weary folks fantasizing about the warm, soothing days of summer. In Evergreen. Daydreaming about our summers usually brings to mind the summer signature activities including the annual EPRD Concert Series at Evergreen Lake.

Dale Gibbins is a 12-year resident of Evergreen who has devoted the last six years to help make this series of seven free summer music concerts one of the best reasons to live in Evergreen. Dale spent the first five years learning about the varied aspects of the volunteer side of this huge undertaking. Last year he was chosen to be the head of all the volunteer committees and continues in that role for next summer.

He oversees acquiring the funding from local businesses in the form of sponsorships, booking all the bands, and delegating responsibilities to the many volunteer committees that make the concerts possible. This concert series is an Evergreen Park and Recreation District (EPRD) event. EPRD manages issues like security, the building facility, tents and grounds and collaborates with Dale and his volunteers to produce an amazing summer long program that attracts young and old, families, couples and singles. The varied musical offerings appeal to a wide spectrum of tastes and bring many visitors to our town and local businesses.

Dale is passionate about music in general, and you see a spark in his eye and hear a lilt in his voice when he talks about the concerts. He is also quick to acknowledge the many other folks who volunteer and contribute. Dale’s story of how he moved to our mountain community is similar to other Evergreenites. He visited here several times on vacation and decided this was where he wanted to live.

Dale has two sons, Daniel, 15 who attends Evergreen High School, and Aaron, 13, who is a student at Evergreen Middle School. It was amazing to hear how much commitment and effort that Dale has put into making the concerts an ongoing success.

We are fortunate that the beauty and serenity of our town captured his attention! Thanks, Dale, for all you do for Evergreen.