Meet Laura and Dwayne Smith

Written by Ruth Morehouse on .

Laura and Dwayne Smith were nominated by one of our readers; and it was delightful to get this recommendation as the Smiths are the kind of people that represent what small town living is about in terms of good people who make good neighbors.

They’ve lived in our community for over 18 years. Laura runs her own nail care business called At Your Finger Tips in the Marshdale area. Her loyal customers go there year after year to be pampered and prettied-up and often develop long friendships with Laura.

Laura is known all about town as a very understanding and sweet-natured person who is genuinely concerned about the lives and issues of her clients. In the last couple of years she has also used her careful eye for detail and her sensitivity to interpersonal relationships to aid her development of an additional business enterprise in the field of photography. Her ability to get involved with other people and her eye for the particularly poignant moments of family celebrations make her sought after as a photographer for weddings and other momentous occasions. She often enlists Dwayne to assist her and even her grown daughter Katie, if she’s in town, who also has an amazing eye for both formal and informal family photographs. They make it a family affair and it just adds to the fun to have them around at celebrations while still being able to count on their professionalism and attention to detail.

Laura’s husband Dwayne is also well-regarded in our community for his many years as a school bus driver in the south Evergreen area. Dwayne has a jocular sense of humor and always was a favorite of the school children because of his jokes and fun loving spirit. However, he kept everyone in line and all the kids respected him.

Their home in Evergreen Meadows is often the scene of impromptu barbecues and casual get togethers to celebrate myriad occasions. Dwayne and Laura Smith epitomize the friendly, casual, and homey feel of people who live in our Evergreen mountain community.