Meet Joanna Coil, US Bank Manager

Written by Ruth Morehouse on .

Joanna Coil has obviously made quite a positive impression on her customers because several nominated her for this column. Joanna is the Evergreen branch manager for US Bank and is committed to serving and advocating for all her clients. She intuitively recognizes that dealing with requests for loans or opening new accounts can trigger anxiety in lots of people. Joanna is always willing to take that extra step to smooth the way in a complicated transaction or be a calming influence when folks get anxious about financial matters. She follows through on projects and gets results and answers quickly. She is highly professional in her demeanor and in her expectations for her employees while still maintaining a warm and inviting manner.

When asked about her experiences here in Evergreen as a branch manager for the last three years, she said that she really likes working in Evergreen.  According to Joanna, Evergreen people are “doers.” Many of them are well educated and have lots of business savvy. Others are people who particularly value their autonomy and living in nature. They are looking for a bank that they can believe in and that will support them in their goals. Joanna’s mission and passion is to help deliver that support to them through solid banking and financial practices and/or spreading the word to others about worthwhile endeavors.

Joanna is an Ambassador with the Evergreen Chamber and also is a member of Blue Spruce Kiwanis. She is currently involved with the “Builders Club” – a Kiwanis program for middle schoolers to help guide them toward community service and involvement – the middle-school version of Key Club. Joanna’s current charges are involved in volunteer work at Elk Run Assisted Living. She describes being amazed and in awe of the mutual benefits that accrue for both students and residents through this program. She likes the contrast of her volunteer position and her leadership role and supervisory responsibilities at the bank.  According to her, at Elk Run the focus, the action and the interaction are all about the connection between the students and the residents. Joanna deliberately takes a more back-seat approach and allows the process to emerge between young and old.

Joanna and her husband, Kerry, have two children, five and two years old and they have another one due July 4th. It’s great to have her so involved in our community even though they actually live in Lakewood.