Meet Peggy Eggers

Written by Ruth Morehouse on .

Peggy Eggers is an amazing person!!When she gets involved in a nonprofit organization, significant transformations occur.A good example is Peggy’s involvement with the Center for The Arts (CAE) Board of Directors for the past several years.Peggy put herexpertise as a professional volunteer coordinator to good use as sheinfused an extraordinaryamount of organization and e’spirit de corps into recruiting and training volunteers for Summerfest and Winterfest.

She established a tighter chain of command, streamlined accountability and increased incentives to volunteers while always demonstratingdeep appreciation for each person’s efforts. These events are huge undertaking requiring hundreds of volunteer manhours. The Center already had a good program for tracking and training volunteers, but Peggy helped take the process to an entirely new level.

And this occurred even before she was asked to be on the Board of Directors! The CAE Board quickly recognized what a boon it would be to have Peggy on the Executive Board and eagerly offered her a position.Peggy agreed and is now going into her third year.She has continued to have a marked and positive influence on the organization since her induction.

Peggy’s many talents include her ability to write well, discern priorities, develop action plans and bring projects to completion. (All done with determination and a smile.)For example, Peggy has a lot of experience as a group trainer, facilitator and motivator through her many years as Volunteer Director at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Hospital in Denver.She used that knowledge to spearhead a CAE Board Retreat last year and made sure everyone stayed on task and had additional assignments after the day long retreat. She then created an effective process to track progress on goals and used this to maintain forward drive and high morale among board members. A lot of projects were brought to completion through her efforts.She also took on the enormous task of updating and revising bylaws of the organization and was a significant participant in developing the Money Lisa Fund-raising campaign which raised over $10,000 to upgrade the physical appearance of the CAE gallery..

Peggy is currently serving as secretary of the Executive Board of CAE and is scheduled to become president in 2012.

Peggy and her husband Peter raised their four talented children in Evergreen and have been an integral part of this mountain community for many years.They have earned the respect and appreciation of the whole community for their undaunting commitment to the quality of life in Evergreen.

Peggy spent her early years her as a childbirth educator and many of the women in our community are eternally grateful to her for her calm, nurturing demeanor through the anxiety and joy of childbirth. More recently, Peggy completed the Leadership Evergreen program and is currently serving on their Board of Directors.