Meet Mary Boland

Written by Linda Kirkpatrick on .

There's an old saying that a true friend would "drop everything" to help.... Well, it's a story like that that caused one friend to nominate another for this column.  When Bonnie's golden retriever died one night, Mary drove across town to provide comfort and help deal with the situation.....  As the owner of a Westie and a Scottie herself, she understood the need to "drop everything" without being asked.

Turns out there's more to read than just a heartwarming story of friendship.  Mary is the owner of It's New to Me, a furniture consignment store in Bergen Park near The Woodcellar that opened in that location nearly two years ago.  She enjoys working with design and furniture and has turned those interests into a lively business endeavor.

"I love meeting people in Evergreen!"

Until recently, Mary focused on her artistic skills, making the most of her degree in fine art.  She's a painter, which allowed her to be a stay-at-home mom and yet pursue a career.  She cultivated her business skills by marketing and selling her paintings, skills that have served her well in her new endeavor.  Painting is something she's done all her life -- starting with finger-painting!

For a number of years Mary participated in Open Door Studios, the annual event that invites people from here and elsewhere in the metro area to visit the in-home studios of 20 or more artists each September.  Her consignment shop has kept her too busy to take part, as her inventory of paintings has dwindled.  Besides, in September she's slated to become a grandmother for the first time and will be diverting her attention in that direction!