Meet Bart Corfee

Written by Ruth Morehouse on .

Bart Corfee has an amazing record of volunteer service in the Evergreen mountain community. He has devoted himself to several specific areas of service; and when he gets interested in a project or a cause or an organization, he goes all out.

Bart moved to Evergreen with his wife, Toni, and their daughter, Katelyn, in the early '90s. He quickly became involved with the Evergreen Chamber of Commerce and served as President that first decade as a businessman in Evergreen. He also has been devoted to the Evergreen Rotary for many years including several stints as membership chair. In 2000 he was chosen as Evergreen Rotarian of the Year –quite an accomplishment considering the number of exceptional members of our local rotary club.

But Bart didn’t stop with Rotary and the Chamber. Shortly after moving here, he found yet another activity that he really sunk his teeth into. One day he was asked by Hal Davidson (of Davidson Insurance) if he would consider joining the volunteer fire department. Bart was a little taken aback at first because he had never quite imagined himself in such a position. But he joined and was actively involved in the volunteer fire department for over 13 years. He became certified as a volunteer EMT. He was on the volunteer board for most of those years. He served as vice president and treasurer and was president of the volunteer board for the last two years before he knew it was time to retire from the Board and investigate additional areas of interest.

Bart (and Toni) volunteered with the Evergreen Jazz Festival for a few years, helping with logistics and sound.  As a member of the Masonic Lodge in Idaho Springs, he serves as historian.

His son, Brenden, was born in Colorado and was getting to the point that he had a deep interest in sports. Bart really wanted to be an active part of his son’s life and has devoted much of his free time in the last five years to the sports organizations that Brenden is involved with in Evergreen, serving as an assistant baseball coach as well as helping out with the basketball team. Bart feels very blessed to be able to share these experiences with his son, who is now 14 years old and preparing to enter Evergreen High School this fall.

Bart is an Indpendent Financial Advisor. His particular area of expertise is asset and portfolio management. He has his own business on the first floor in the Lakepoint Center. He cherishes the view and beautiful location and those special days when he slips away from the office to grab a cup of coffee with his wife, Toni, who has her own office on the fourth floor in the same location.  It is great to talk to Bart about Toni as he exudes pride in her accomplishments and is in awe of her intelligence and business savvy as Regional Vice President of Ameritas.

The Corfees make a habit of celebrating Chinese New Year with the owners of Coal Mine Dragon, delivering flowering plants to their place of business to honor their contributions to our community, and sharing traditional foods on that special day.

Bart and Toni love the warm, cosy feel of life in Evergreen and we appreciate their many contributions to the quality of life in Evergreen.