Meet Janice Stutters

Written by Ruth Morehouse on .

“Fun, funky, and colorful is my motto” explained Janice Stutters as she described her approach to decorating her shop for various seasons. Janice is the owner and creative genius behind Seasonally Yours, a happening place right on Main Street in downtown Evergreen.

Janice had spent 20 years in the floral business and was familiar with running an enterprise that emphasized sales related to seasonal factors. So when Janice decided it was time for her to do something different, a novelty shop that focused on changing merchandise around different seasons and holidays seemed like a natural for her. Janice opened her store in 2005 and she and many of the residents of Evergreen have been having a good time at Seasonally Yours ever since.

Her store has lots of cool holiday decorations, party favors, and unique specialty items. She also specializes in nostalgic candies. Nostalgic candies are those special confections that you may recall from your childhood. Remember button candy; those colorful dots of candy on a wide strip of paper that could be a foot long. Or how about Slowpokes; caramels on a stick, or little wax bottles with a sweet syrupy drink inside. Some of these candies go back a long way and can’t be found anymore in a regular store. But you can find these mementoes of days gone by at Seasonally Yours.

This store is known for two particular items that really make it fun to go on a walking tour of downtown Evergreen. Janice started selling taffy at the location a long time ago and it comes in various sizes and flavors and is delicious. More recently she wanted to expand her offerings to include fudge. At first, Janice was stymied because there just was not enough room in her location for the cooking apparatus required to make and showcase a wide variety of fudge. However, in 2009 she was able to move into a larger location on Main Street which offered ample space to develop this product. This is outstanding fudge and has become a signature item in the store.

Now that it is nearing Halloween you may catch her dressed up as a witch. This Halloween the store is specializing in Steamer Punk (if you are baffled by this expression go fund out what it means by visiting her shop.) She also has plans for a very special carriage to be parked at the store for the holidays. Janice’s ability to camp it up and use costumes and unusual props in the store around various holiday themes contribute to a delightful, magical experience for everyone who walks through the doors. Janice’s enthusiasm is contagious and it’s easy to get excited about that perfect decoration for a holiday party.

Her shop is a favorite place for Evergreenites to bring overnight or holiday guests and many family outings with young children would not be complete in Evergreen without a stop at Seasonally Yours. It is great to have Janice and Seasonally Yours as a part of our business community.