Meet Marian Robertson

Written by Linda Kirkpatrick on .

A retired beautician, Marian Robertson keeps her fingers in the business by volunteering one day each month at Green Ridge Meadow Apartments giving free haircuts to elderly residents of the low-income housing facility.  "It keeps them from having to go out," she explains, "and it enables me to keep my license as a beautician."

Marian has lived in Evergreen for 16 years, having relocated from the suburbs of Cleveland.  She and her husband have raised two children and two grandchildren.

In Ohio she had her own beauty shop for 11 years but had to become re-licensed in cosmetology when she moved to Colorado, even though she'd been a licensed beautician since 1964.  Here she was employed at several beauty shops, on occasion working on residents from Green Ridge Meadow Apartments, developing an appreciation for how difficult it is for some of the residents to get out to a beauty shop for a hair color or cut.

She began packing up her tools and visiting some of them in their individual apartments at Green Ridge Meadow but found that the process was inefficient, as she had to prepare, pack up, and clean up at each stop.  After talking with the management, going through an application and interview process, she was invited to "set up shop" in the Community Room of the building the first Monday of the month.

Marian shows up with her case filled with clippers, scissors, razors, sanitizer spray and a huge supply of combs.  Her supplies include a shower curtain and duct tape to protect the flooring.  After accommodating 12-15 residents in a day, she then has to clean up and vacuum before leaving her volunteer job.  Residents sign up in advance but some can be found arriving early to see if there's an opening.  All she requires of the residents is that their hair be clean when they show up for a cut.

The residents at Green Ridge Meadow Apartments are appreciative of Marian's generosity, and she gets to do what she likes to do in retirement!  Thank you, Marian!