Meet Wendy Snow

Written by Stephen Knapp on .

Mt. Evans Home Health and Hospice is a shining jewel in the long list of outstanding nonprofits in our Evergreen Mountain Community and Wendy Snow is a crucial element in its long-term success and stellar reputation.

Wendy is a medical social worker who has been working with Mt. Evans for over 20 years. Wendy loves her position at Mt. Evans and is grateful that she has an opportunity to work in Evergreen, even though she lives down the hill in Lakewood. Wendy thinks of herself as an honorary citizen of Evergreen and through the years has come to know many families in our community just when they need her the most.

When asked what she particularly likes about working at Mt. Evans, she described how interesting and rewarding it was to get to know many of the “founding fathers” of Evergreen and their families. As people who have been significant in Evergreen’s colorful history have aged, many of them find their way to the services of Mt. Evans. And of course, she finds the natural beauty of Evergreen environs healing and therapeutic to both herself and her clients as they deal with end-of-life issues.

As the medical social worker at the hospice, Wendy often provides consultation and direct contact to family members of the patients. Wendy’s responsibilities at the center are varied, but she feels like she is particularly effective and useful in helping patients and family members discuss long-range planning, available resources and navigating the complex waters of Medicaid and Medicare. Although the discussions are often difficult and poignant, Wendy feels honored to assist patients and family members as they increase their understanding of the dying process and are able to go through the process in a respectful, meaningful way.

Wendy is also very involved in the Caregivers’ Support Group which meets on a monthly basis at the fire station in Bergen. This program is developed by a consortium of agencies in our community including Mt. Evans Home Health and Hospice and Wendy plays a vital role in this activity. She often will present information to attendees on a variety of subjects such as dealing with dementia, coping with depression in patients and client’s family members, new advances in the treatment of aging, and positive activities to help caregivers cope with the stress of caring for ailing parents and grandparents.

Professionals with the expertise, years of experience and skill that Wendy possesses, are so important to have around at these milestones in the family life cycle. Wendy, we hope you keep commuting to Evergreen for a long time to come.