Meet Eric Bakke

Written by Ruth Morehouse on .

Eric Bakke, a professional photographer residing in Evergreen, has an assignment that could incur the envy of many Tebow fans. For the last 26 years Eric has been a team photographer for the Denver Broncos.

“It’s been a great ride,” Eric exclaimed as he described the varied projects he is involved with in this role. He takes pictures of the players, management and even the physical facilities of the Broncos’ organization. This includes traveling with the team and shooting pictures at spring training, during the draft, free agency, and during actual games.

His photos may be used for a new brochure or media relations or for a website promoting the activities of the football team. Currently he is also involved in digitizing photos from the earlier days of the Broncos so they can be preserved for archival purposes.

Eric has found it enjoyable to continue with the Broncos for so many years because new technology means his work is always changing and he admires the “first class management of the Broncos organization.”

Eric started out his professional career as a photographer for the Denver Post and liked living in downtown Denver for many years during that job. In the 1970’s he decided to become a freelance photographer.

Over the last 30 years or so he has had many exciting photographic opportunities, in addition to the Broncos, including with ESPN, private corporations, ABC, and numerous national magazines.

Eric describes himself as primarily a “location photographer.” This includes going to a place of business and shooting pictures of the employees or owners on site on in action. Such photos could be used for a corporate annual report to stock holders or for a colorful brochure that highlights the services or products of a specific business. His work for national magazines includes photographs of various natural disasters such as forest fires, floods, or hurricanes.

He particularly enjoys working with sports and recreational events and, in that regard, has been doing some creative work with the World Triathlon Association in the last couple of years.

About the time that Eric went to work for himself as a freelance photographer, he also moved to Evergreen. Although he enjoyed Denver city life, he primarily sees himself as a “mountain kid.” He went to school in Golden and spent most of his time on Lookout Mountain.

Eric is well known in Evergreen because he has taken a number of photographs for the Evergreen Chamber of Commerce.  He's also served on the board for Art for the Mountain Community and continues to support the organization by assisting with the AMC Sculpture Walk brochure, photo exhibit and promotional needs.  You might also spot him helping with the bi-annual cleanup along Stageoach Boulevard or supporting, in one fashion or another, the Evergreen Animal Protective League.

He likes to fish in Bear Creek, hike in the hills around here and he and his wife, Nancy Bensik, are avid birders. As a very successful photographer, Eric has an exciting and challenging life and has been able to meet many famous, successful people and travel all over the world. However, according to Eric, when it comes time to relax and enjoy himself, there is nothing better then coming home to his wife and enjoying the serene outdoor beauty and down-to-earth folks of the Evergreen mountain community.

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