Meet Dore Huss

Written by Linda Kirkpatrick on .

A fragrant bouquet of flowers or a perky spring plant can be just the right touch for either a celebration or a caring gesture to a friend going through hard times. In Evergreen, Dore Huss, the owner of Stems, a flower shop currently located in the Design Center on Meadow Drive, is often the first person to be contacted for such gifts.

In 2002, Dore opened Stems in the Marshdale area. It was immediately a huge success. Going into her shop was a feast for the senses and it was clear that Dore had a real flare for putting plants and flowers and various containers together in an innovative, creative manner. After about a year and a half of getting her feet wet as a business owner, she decided to move to the Lakepoint Shopping Area and expanded her business to include gifts, novelties and decorative items. The central location helped her business to blossom even further. For many local residents, going to Stems on Fridays to buy flowers at half price was a part of their weekend ritual.

Dore is particularly gifted with a unique sense of design and an ability to take common items and give them a flourish that turns them into works of art. Her knowledge of plants is extensive and she seems to develop a personal relationship with many of her plants as she watches them grow and expand in her shop. It’s delightful to go in her store because there is never a hard sell and the prices are reasonable. She likes her plants so much, it’s okay if you don’t buy them because she’ll just get to enjoy them longer!

Dore is willing to help you work within your budget. One satisfied customer described it this way to me: “ I didn’t have much money to spend so I brought my own container and told Dore I could only spend thirty dollars. She happily worked with me and put together an arrangement in my price range that looked special and unique.” It’s this approach that makes Stems a favorite stop for Dore’s many loyal customers.

Although she enjoyed the retail selling of gifts and artistic items, she yearned to spend more time on her main calling as a florist. In early 2011, Dore decided to refocus her attentions back to her primary love which is flowers, plants, and designing floral arrangements for special occasions. Dore moved Stems to the Design Center and is very happy in her cozy new shop.

Dore is celebrating her 10-year anniversary in business in a unique manner and one that is typical of her creative nature and generous spirit. Each week she asks someone to enter the name of a friend or acquaintance who might really benefit from an unexpected gift. Each week she pulls out a name from this drawing and delivers a floral gift or plant to the winner. It’s a great idea because the recipient is so happy to receive the gift, and the nominator feels great about surprising someone. AND Dore gets to express her appreciation for her success in Evergreen in a manner that is meaningful to everyone involved.