Meet Walter Wood

Written by Nicole Gartside on .

Walter Wood doesn’t need much of an introduction. His records, victories, and impressive competitions speak for themselves. Walter began skiing when he was three and his passion for the sport has grown ever since. He placed 3rd in the First World Cup, competed in the World Championships in Japan, won the World Skiing Invitational and holds the record for the first ever 1620-degree turn on a half-pipe. But you’ll never hear Walter bragging. “I’ve kept my skiing very low profile through the years,” he says. “I always believed in letting my actions speak for themselves.”

Walter picked up skiing while his parents worked as volunteer ski patrollers at Berthoud Pass. “I actually didn’t like skiing at first but quickly grew a love for the sport,” Walter says. His passion for skiing grew over the years. He began as a backcountry skier at age 9 then graduated to moguls, eventually moving onto free skiing. He says that he always knew he wanted to be a professional skier. During his time at Evergreen High School, Walter would often miss days of school at a time for competitions and training. “School has always been one of my highest priorities,” he says. That’s why, despite his demanding schedule, Walter continues to take classes at the University of Utah, taking a full coarse load in the summer and online courses during his skiing season.

So how does one manage skiing with a college life? Walter says his family. “My family’s made many sacrifices to help me get where I am.” Walter says his mother even went back to work to fund his skiing expenses. And when he’s not skiing, Walter loves being outdoors. “I’m still a curious individual that’s always open to learning new things and meeting new people,” he says. So look out for Walter Wood on a half-pipe near you in the future because Walter’s skiing career is just getting started.