Meet Kristen Costello

Written by Nicole Gartside on .

You may know Kristen Costello from one of the many roles she plays here in Evergreen. You may have taken her yoga class at Bear Mountain Yoga, perhaps attended one of the many programs she organized for the Mountain Area Land Trust, or maybe you’ve seen her taking students on outdoor adventures at the Montessori School of Evergreen. Wherever Kristen is, she is passionate about her job.

Born in Burlington, Vermont, Kristen and her brother moved around a lot as children. Their mother worked as a nurse and their father contributed with odd jobs as he studied to get his doctorate in Economics. During this time, Kristen took a liking to gymnastics. Her liking turned into a passion, carrying her through college at the University of Vermont and eventually leading her to run the Gymnastics Program for the Evergreen Parks and Recreation District.

After obtaining her master’s from the University of Massachusetts, she and her husband moved to Evergreen when he snagged a job in the Wind Energy Program at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden. They have raised their two sons, Aaron and Dylan, here in the mountains. “It is rich in beauty and we have built a nice life here,” says Kristen of Evergreen. After some time here, Kristen became involved in the Mountain Area Land Trust, working to save scenic vistas, natural areas, wildlife habitat, working ranches and historic lands here in the mountains. As the staff liaison for the organization’s programs, she orchestrated some of MALT’s most successful programs, including Night in the Park, The Preservation Party, and the Armchair Adventure Series. Her passion for the outdoors remains strong.

Before her job with MALT, Kristen had worked very closely with the Montessori School of Evergreen as the director of the Experiential Education Program, organizing hut trips, week-long trips to Yellowstone and other exciting outdoor activities for the students. She also helped organize the school’s mentorship and internship programs. After a few years with MALT, she was recruited to return to the Montessori school teaching 1-5 grades as well as aiding with the school’s Sustainability Program. “I love working with children,” Kristen says. “This has been a very rewarding aspect of my career.” Kristen continues to work at Montessori by teaching yoga and Sustainability elective classes to 4th and 5th graders along with managing the greenhouse on the Marshdale campus.

Last summer, Kristen decided to continue her teaching in a different way. After 200 hours of yoga training and 100 hours of children’s yoga training in Costa Rica, Kristen became a certified yoga instructor. “I had been studying yoga for many years,” she says. “It had helped me through some very difficult times.” She currently teaches classes at her home studio, Bear Mountain Yoga.

Yes, Kristen wears many hats in our small mountain community, each one equally as important. She continues to be an important presence here in Evergreen; and if you haven’t met her yet, with all of her jobs and hobbies, you will soon enough.