Meet the Boones – Casey, Jennifer and Logan

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Casey Boone says that “small business is the backbone of this community.” To imagine it otherwise is “uncomfortable.” That’s why, after a three-year hiatus from Paragon Sports, the Boones once again became owners of the company, giving it their name the second time around.” They wanted to come back for the community, and they wanted the community to know they were the ones behind the revitalized sporting goods store, thus the name change from Paragon to Boone Mountain Sports.

In 1985 Casey and his wife, Jennifer, opened shop in downtown Evergreen, the same year their son Logan was born. The name Paragon Sports came from a type of diamond, an emblem of perfection, “something worth striving for,” says Casey.

In 1990 they relocated the store across from Elk Meadow, sandwiched between Evergreen Fine Art and the US Bank building.

Both Casey and Jennifer have deep roots in Evergreen, both graduates of Evergreen schools – Casey from Evergreen High and Jennifer from the Open Living School. Casey’s lineage can be traced back to Samuel Boone, Daniel Boone’s brother, so his family has been on North American soil since the 1400’s and in Colorado for four generations. Jennifer’s parents literally wrote the book on Evergreen – the history book, that is, Evergreen, Our Mountain Community – and also founded Art for the Mountain Community, on whose board Logan now serves. These roots undoubtedly contribute to their love of this place and their passion to continue serving it.

Not only have the Boones created a space where locals have access to Colorado lifestyle clothing, skis, technical services, and ski rentals (daily, weekly, and seasonally), but they have probably employed somewhere near 200 locals, many of whom were high school students at the time, in the process. And to further support students, they brought Warren Miller film showings and fashion shows to the local schools as fundraisers.

Casey is the first to change the subject when the spotlight aims his way, so although this article was intended to feature him, he made it relatively impossible by saying things like “(Jennifer) does everything that’s smart” in the business and that they “couldn’t have come back (after the three-year hiatus) without Logan.” And he gave kudos to the staff, of course.  When the company came back into their hands, many of their former employees came back to work with them.

Jennifer is, in fact, the buyer and bookkeeper for Boone Mountain sports as well as for a second store they own in The Highlands called 32nd West. She handles merchandising for both stores. Logan is the ski shop manager in Evergreen.

Casey and Logan tune and rent the skis, exploring the newest technology in ski equipment and of course testing equipment on the slopes every chance they get. “Casey is a ski industry veteran,” says Jennifer. “He grew up skiing and has worked in retail and wholesale since he was 16 years old, including research and development. He’s a master boot fitter and has worked as a mountain guide. He’s like a walking, breathing topography map and the most incredible skier ever. He has an absolute love for the Colorado mountains – a real reverence for it”

And it seems as though the Boones appreciate their community as much as it appreciates them. They sport local music behind their front counter, and sell local art and craft. Casey says once we “decide who and what to support,” we can see how much of the money we spend actually comes back into the community.

The definitions for the word “boon” are eerily fitting to this family. “Something to be thankful for; blessing; benefit” and “jolly; jovial; convivial” sum them up quite nicely.