Meet Bryan Hutchison

Written by Anne Vickstrom on .

Bryan Hutchison wears his confidence as well as he does his Habitat for Humanity shirt. This is likely due to the fact that he knows they both fit him perfectly.

As the General Manager of the Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and a local guy, Bryan loves that he can remain helping the mountain area in which he was raised. “I grew up in Bailey with my father and in Arvada with my mom.” Today, he and his wife Beth live down the hill with their three children, Abby (13), Aiden (11) and Leroy (21 months) splitting the commute difference between Evergreen and Highlands Ranch, where Beth is a history teacher at Valor Christian High School.

“We met in high school and played basketball. I was really short - 5’4” or 5’6” and she is really tall. Then I grew six inches. I would always guard her. I didn’t know why…” he laughed. They’ve been married for eight years.

His local connection goes beyond high school. “My father started Hutchison Lumber in Pine Junction.” Bryan proudly explained that his father at one time had three stores, in Pine Junction, Fairplay and Florissant. “I learned a lot about business because I grew up around the lumber business.” He also learned a lot about working with other and bringing them together.

“When I had the store people would come in and ask about different tools and how they would work. I may not have known myself, but I knew who would know.” He understands that knowing individuals in your community allows you to get things accomplished.

Bryan graduated from Platte Canyon High School in 1998 and then from the University of Northern Colorado where he studied Business. He went on to management training in the lumber business. “I never really set out to go into lumber, but growing up around it led me there.” At 25 he took over the business when his father fell ill. The business had doubled, and then the economy dropped out in 2007-08. “We slowly went back to one location.” He admits, “I was tempted to go into commercial lumber but being in service to others with a mission - it’s a huge bonus to be at Habitat.”

In November of 2011 Bryan accepted his General Manager position at Habitat. Since then “a lot has transpired in six years,” he said with a smile.

Monies from the ReStores in both Evergreen and Conifer contribute to Habitat’s costs to acquire land, supplies and management to build homes for families who would otherwise be unable to do so. “We have tons of donations and great volunteers,” Bryan expressed, appreciative of the support from our mountain communities. “Our mission doesn’t work without volunteers.”

Bryan explained that “Blue Spruce started in Evergreen but now reaches “from C-470 to the Eisenhower Tunnel and Hwy. 285 to Kenosha Pass. We build three to four houses a year.” He points out the frightening fact that “When you are living at poverty or below, a life event like someone needing medical care, or a car that needs repair, can push a family into survival mode. A home provides not only a roof over your head but a community of support around you.”

After successfully managing the ReStore, Bryan is now turning to be the Marketing and Development Officer. “We have a breakfast planned for April 26th at the Lake House. This is a ‘full ask’ event,” he states with integrity. “We’re looking for Table Captains, where a person will bring friends and colleagues to learn about what Habitat accomplishes and to seek their support. “We need to fill the need to build our next home.”

Bryan believes in working with others. “We’re only one spoke in the wheel. We partner with Evergreen Christian Outreach, Mountain Resource Center,” and other organizations in the community. “The Executive Directors of many groups meet regularly to make sure that we’re meeting needs. Growing up in a small community allows you to know each other and you can build a network.”

He revealed how much his father impacted his life. “Dad was very cognizant of taking care of his employees.” Bryan has adopted that concern and applies it to everyone involved with Habitat at every level. “By being inclusive, we’re moving ahead of issues.”

When he’s not on the job you can find Bryan toting kids to gymnastics, tae kwon do, Little League or when there’s enough time, “we like to take day trips” as well as longer trips such as taking their older children to the Grand Canyon, Arches and “we love the Sand Dunes. We’re pretty darn active.” It turns out that family life fits him perfectly as well.