Meet Lisa Delia

Written by Anne Vickstrom on .

Many Evergreen music lovers have seen and heard Lisa Delia perform with the local band Subject2Change. Never appearing without her cowboy boots shining, everyone would agree that she has real talent; however, few know about this Mississippi transplant is how incredibly complex she is.

Lisa was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi. “It’s an Indian name,” she explained. Lisa had not one, not two, but let’s just say at least six careers.

Just out of high school she started modeling and later expanded into teaching through the Barbizon Modeling Agency in New Orleans. “It was fun to do local shows, but I knew I wasn’t tall enough to have a serious career … I loved the teaching.”

She studied Marketing because “I wanted to own a dress shop.” But that wasn’t her first love. “I love architecture,” and in fact, after she had the reigns of marketing firmly in her hand, she worked for an architect.

That experience was enough to apply, at only 21 years old, for an apprenticeship in drafting and design with Ingalls Shipbuilding in her hometown. They sent her to school, and she worked hard, earning Apprentice of the Year distinction. At the end of the three-year program, she found herself addressing members of the U.S. Navy in Washington, D.C. She continued working with the civilian shipyard and was with them from 1980 until 1993. “I designed the wave guide routes that go from an antenna to the receiver. I had to know the numbers of those patterns.” In other words, she knew what an enemy would need to block naval communication. It goes without saying, Lisa had secret clearance.

Lisa married in 1983 and continued to work at Ingalls. While pregnant with her second child, she agreed to leave her career and move to Denver with her husband. “I told him that there weren’t any shipbuilding companies in Denver, so we agreed that I would stay home with the kids.” She laughed at herself adding, “The agreement was that I wouldn’t have to work because I thought Colorado was just frozen tundra. I thought we’d be living at the bottom of avalanches. I wasn’t going to be driving in that.” Her warm smile revealed her sense of humor.

Staying home with her children, Lisa was involved with the Bergen PTAs and in her children’s activities, becoming a part of our community. She has been a fitness instructor, fitness trainer and a personal trainer. “I worked at the ‘old’ club and then Nick’s.” She has also competed in – and won – body-building competitions, but “I don’t do those anymore, although I still lift weights.”

Asked about her friendship and music relationship with John Erlandson, she sat up straighter with her enthusiasm – and sincerity. “John has molded me. When I first met him I was so nervous and scared to sing into a mic’, and now you can’t keep me away from one. I naturally pull toward harmonies.” Erlandson heard Lisa sing at a friend’s home and 11 years ago they began to perform together. Two years ago they “morphed into a band” - Subject2Change. “I love it. It’s so much fun. I don’t want it to get any bigger. Everyone in the band is so wonderful.”

Asked what this woman, who has experienced so much, dreams of for her future she answered, “I’d like to build a house. I’d like to design it myself.” Coming to know Lisa, it’s likely that there will be a new, beautifully designed home in the woods not far in the future.