Fire Station #1 needing to be replaced

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Part 3 of a series on financial concerns of the Fire District

The Evergreen Fire Protection District (EFPD) has called together a Community Task Force to address declining revenues and its inability to keep pace with increases in operating costs and to fund Reserves. Replacement of Fire Station #1 is also being proposed.


  • Station #1 was built in 1965; 50 years old.
  • It is located just south of the dam.  Proximity to historic downtown important.
  • Previously used to house administrative offices, now located at Station #2 in Bergen Park.
  • Currently stores seven trucks for structure and wildland fires.

Reasons why Station #1 outdated:

  • Bay door openings not large enough for modern fire equipment
  • Apron out front too small for largest truck to pull out – nose sticks out into traffic when closing garage door.
  • Plumbing and electrical needing replacement.
  • Roofing has had temporary fixes
  • Windows and siding require replacement
  • Back-up generator requires replacement

Other considerations:

  • Footprint too small for enlarging at that location.
  • Parking across Hwy 73 necessitates firefighters crossing the highway.
  • Wouldn’t need administrative offices.
  • Would need sleeping quarters, kitchen, conference/training area.
  • Plans to widen Hwy. 73 south of the fire station do not currently include the area that close to town, but it is a bottleneck.


  • Replace Station #4 at the S curves along Hwy 73 with a larger building.
  • Or find another parcel of land close to downtown.
  • Ask voters to approve a bond in 2016. This would be separate from a mil levy request.

The Community Task Force will meet a third and final time this week to review the need to replace/update Station #1.

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