Singing that swan song

Written by Linda Kirkpatrick on .

This issue of will be my last.

For the past 15 months I’ve been experiencing a roller coaster ride with health issues, relying on a handful of friends to help me keep up a front.  

Those health issues weren't enough to snuff me out, but promising something I wasn’t sure I could fulfill made selling advertising a challenge I just didn’t want to tackle. In my head I planned three or four different times when I thought I’d shut down – first in December, then April, then May…. Something always kept me from calling it quits, but July 25th is the official date for my swan song.

Providing a chronicle of the many worthwhile nonprofit causes in Evergreen has been a passion of mine. It’s been a way to stimulate community involvement and to get others involved.  This is the 344th weekly issue I've published over 7 years, having started in the fall of 2010.

Publishing profiles of people who have made this the community I know and love has been important to me, as there are far too many unsung heroes and generous volunteers who go unnoticed in the world. I’ve enjoyed helping to tell the stories of more than 400 individuals in the area and enabling them to inspire others.  About 150 of those profiles have some historic significance; it's important not to forget those who have played integral parts in Evergreen's development.

Evergreen was very welcoming to me when I arrived in 1981, and I’ve always tried to perpetuate that attitude toward others who have moved here.  Carrying a camera has enabled me to meet many I might not have talked with otherwise.

I wish I could say I have a solid plan for what I’ll be doing come August 1st, but I can’t. I'll be looking for short-term ways to stay connected, but my list of things to do is headed by securing a way for the body of profiles to be preserved. That’s important to me – and to the history of Evergreen.

Thank you to all who have been loyal followers and to those who have invested in the community by advertising in  

And thanks for the memories.