Unexpected results when googling people in Evergreen

Written by Linda Kirkpatrick on .

Profiles on the people of Evergreen seem to be the main attraction to Documenting and preserving some knowledge of the movers and shakers and other volunteers who make Evergreen such a wonderful community is what compels me to do what I do.

There are a few fun stories that have resulted, some of which I’d like to share.

How many of you have googled the name of an old boyfriend or girlfriend?  At best you hope to find a whereabouts, the names of family members, maybe a phone number.  Sometimes you'll see what political campaigns someone's contributed to or what real estate they own, hopefully not an obituary or sex offender registry.  If you subscribe to a locater service, you might find out a bit more – marital status, names of relatives, properties owned, court proceedings or bankruptcies, for instance. 

More than one person I’ve profiled has let me know they’ve reunited with old classmates from half a century or more ago because someone’s googled a name only to find out lots more than ever expected about the person. A curiosity probe of the Internet produced far more than just where that person is living but also what he or she has been involved with, what sort of career was pursued and perhaps how a person has been recognized during a lifetime. And a photo!

I've been told organizations considering prospective board members have referred to profiles on to learn more about candidates.  And locals considering doing business with someone are grateful to know how that business person has been involved with the community.

A few months back I had an email from someone in Scotland trying to reach Hank Thresher, a gentleman profiled as a volunteer with Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice, someone who was a 1952 Olympic hopeful. There was a book being written about Thresher’s coach, and the author wanted some input from Thresher. It took a little doing, but with the help of Beth Foster at Mount Evans, we were able to connect the two.

Last week I was taking down names of a husband and wife I’d just photographed. I remarked, “Now that name sounds familiar….” Czarnecki is not a common name, so it sparked a conversation. I’d published a profile on Forrest Czarnecki written by Nicole Gartside while she was interning for the summer of 2012. Forrest had not yet entered high school but had already made a name for himself as an amateur photographer. He’s in high school now but already has credits like being a member of the White House News Photographers Association on his website, which I encourage you to check out. He’s no longer an amateur, and a look at his portfolio online will tell you why. His parents say the profile on Forrest gets lots of hits even three years later when he’s being considered by prospective buyers of his work, employers and probably even colleges.

This morning I had a call from someone who’d just bought a home in Evergreen built by The Woodpeckers 50-60 years ago. The caller referred to it as a “mid-century modern” that he intended to remodel and was hoping he might track down blueprints. He’d googled The Woodpeckers and discovered the profile on Bill Marshall, one of the partners in the business. Bill and his associates were known for quality workmanship in building homes in Evergreen starting in 1947 until sometime in the 1970s. Although Bill died several years ago, I was able to confirm that Don and Debbie Marshall were related and, if anyone had blueprints dating back that far, they would know.  

I don't give out contact information, but as with the inquiry from Scotland, I can sometimes facilitate a connection.

Googling…. At a time when people in decision-making roles want to know as much as they can about prospective employees, business affiliations or even dates, it’s nice to know can provide a comprehensive overview that can outshine the opinions formed by checking one’s Facebook page. It's an unsolicited reference!  

I haven’t heard of any marriages that have resulted from connections, but who’s to say that won’t happen one of these days!