LIFE IN EVERGREEN: Be part of making history in Evergreen this Saturday!

Written by Linda Kirkpatrick on .

It’s all the buzz….

With our community spirit, don’t even try to imagine yourself not taking part in breaking a world record for the longest picnic table this weekend at Buchanan Park. Anyone who’s part of Evergreen needs to be there!

There will be a variety of food trucks – not just the usual ones you see at local events – one including wild game and seafood selections.

Starting Thursday afternoon, volunteers will be constructing well over a hundred picnic tables, ensuring they are interlocking, as the Guinness Book of World Records mandates that they can’t simply be end-to-end and they can’t just be “connected.” The table really must be one long table! So, even though it starts with “well over a hundred” kits, the kits are being modified to meet requirements.

The exact length of the table is a well-kept secret, as the record keeps being re-set – four times in fact since the Leadership Evergreen Class of 2015 took this on as a class project. The current record is 638’ 9.35” set in Kuwait earlier this year.

It’s their way of feeding the needy. How? you might ask. Leaders are supposed to come up with innovative ways to do things. Money raised from the event – $10 per person general admission – will be distributed amongst four area groups that provide food to people in the “needy” category: Seniors’ Resource Center, Loaves & Fishes, EChO, and Life Bridge.

The logistics of it all are mind-boggling! Securing permits from the powers that be and enlisting the cooperation of numerous groups and agencies, garnering enough sponsors to cover the cost of purchasing more than $10,000 in materials, arranging for delivery and assembly, engaging proprietors of food trucks, publicizing the event and arranging for parking might seem like enough. But it doesn’t end there.

They need certified judges – surveyors, no less. And certified witnesses to ensure the surveyors are doing their job without taking a payoff from anyone to falsify measurements.

Documenting the entire event is an integral part of the qualifying process. Continuous videotaping of the construction process is required. Photographic evidence of every step of the way is critical.

Thinking of how people can cross over requires a bridge of some sort. And cutting the table into manageable sections after the event requires manpower and ingenuity. Making sure the tables are all removed from the ballfields by the next day is another feat of gigantic proportions.

It’s all for a good cause – and it’ll be the funnest event of the year! Be there!

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