LIFE IN EVERGREEN: Lack of enthusiasm this Election Day

Written by Linda Kirkpatrick on .

As we sit here holding our collective breath this Election Day, awaiting results, I had to comment on the distinct absence of political signs throughout the neighborhoods in Evergreen this year. The signs for supporting 4B for SCFC stood out as if they’d invested millions for publicity in our community alone.  At least voters were enthusiastic about something!

At the last minute, I resurrected an old "Vote for Cheri Gerou" sign and pressed it into the ground just for laughs. 

For the past two election cycles (prior to this one), I preached civility. People were so outspoken and obnoxious eight years ago that my husband and I seriously thought about moving. I conceded that it might be even worse wherever we might relocate.

Greg Dobbs wrote an editorial in the Post in the past week that reflected his disappointment with at least one friend who’d crossed the line via email by expressing distasteful feelings about a candidate he supports. But I think even he would agree this year few had the enthusiasm to proclaim their allegiance to either political party candidate. People here in Evergreen were relatively quiet. Relatively.

So, as we wake up Wednesday morning and tune into reality, I’m hoping we can all find a way to support whomever is elected to lead our country.

Or I may be preaching civility once again!