LIFE IN EVERGREEN: Murphy's Mountain Grill a nice addition to DT Evergreen

Written by Linda Kirkpatrick on .

There’s a new restaurant in town … Murphy’s Mountain Grill … taking the place of Prague on lower Main Street. I took advantage of their soft opening on Thursday, May 4th – a fundraiser for Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen.

While the first day open is not a time to review a restaurant, I have to say I think this one’s a keeper. If they could do as well as they did on a soft opening, they’ll do well overall. The owners and staff are friendly and eager to have guests in their new place of business, beyond simply wanting customers. Rand (the chef) and Tiffany Packer, his wife (pictured above), own Murphy’s.

And the food’s very good – with a menu a step up from other places in town. Their selection of burgers offers nice twists on that all-time favorite, but the salads and grilled items also sound appealing. Their addition of crispy onion frizzles, red onion marmalade, Brussels sprout petals, tomato jam or balsamic drizzle are indications of being “just a little bit different.” They even have a hot dog wrapped in bacon! And malts and milkshakes.

We tried the BLTA (pictured left) and the Navajo Nation burger – both very tasty!  The BLTA had multiple layers of bacon and was accompanied by those Brussels sprout petals.  The Navajo Nation burger, topped off by tortilla strips, was oozing with flavor. I overhead someone at the next table raving about the grilled tiger shrimp, which I plan to try on my next visit.

Even the drink menu is cleverly written. I’m tempted to go back for the Evergreen Pine Needle – Bear Creek Whiskey with pine needle syrup and grapefruit citrus bitters.

There are 10 tables available outdoors, most stream side; and there's an equal number indoors.  One wall opens to the creek, so even sitting inside gives a feel for enjoying the out-of-doors.  

While most people judge a place by the service and quality of food, one criterion I have for patronizing a business is how much they want to belong to a community, how much they recognize the need to give back. Murphy’s started out on good footing in my book, donating all the food and beverage receipts on their soft opening day to Rocky Mountain Academy.