Jeffco Hall of Fame to induct three from Evergreen

Written by Linda Kirkpatrick on .

Once again, Evergreen is showing its leadership county-wide. Three of the five individuals being inducted into the Jefferson County Hall of Fame are from Evergreen – Hank Alderfer, John Ellis, and Mike Moore.

In 2916 Dan Pike and Sylvia Brockner were inducted. The first year the award was given (2014) Jack Newkirk was honored.

Hank Alderfer

Hank Alderfer’s 47 years of contributions have come from his history of the Evergreen community and the settlers who arrived here before he did. He established relationships with families, relationships that helped the Mountain Area Land Trust (MALT) protect thousands of acres from development. Personally, he protected those families as well. He served umpteen terms on the Evergreen Parks and Recreation District board until term limits forced him off the board. For decades he oversaw the operations of the volunteer-driven Bear Creek Cemetery.

With the publishing of a book entitled Yesteryear, Hank pulled together significant historical columns he’d written for the Canyon Courier over the years, detailing some the who’s who of ranchers and settlers in Evergreen’s earliest years.

He mapped the trails of the parklands and beyond – known social trails and horse trails from the days of the Ute Indians. Over more than a decade, Hank mapped the Bear Creek Watershed, giving MALT a better idea of the drainages, the property owners and the key parcels deserving of their focus.

John Ellis

John Ellis, the Community Relations Manager for Evergreen National Bank, makes volunteering his business. He’s been known to serve on a dozen nonprofit boards at a time, from Evergreen Christian Outreach to Blue Spruce Kiwanis to Evergreen Trout Unlimited. He’s also been an elected official for the Evergreen Metropolitan District and the Evergreen Parks and Recreation District.

His volunteer efforts have covered the past 30 years.

He’s often pictured at ribbon cuttings for the Evergreen Chamber of Commerce and has been a key ambassador for the chamber. John is often referred to as “the mayor of Evergreen.”

Mike Moore

Mike Moore’s contributions focused mainly on the arts, open space and education, co-founding the Jefferson County Open Living School and serving as a founding member of the predecessor of Center for the Arts Evergreen. He was a founding member of Plan Jeffco and served on the Open Space Advisory Committee working to preserve natural and cultural resources throughout the county.

He was appointed to become a founding member and chairman of the Jefferson County Cultural Council, Jeffco’s governing board of the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD). He’s been actively involved with the Evergreen Chorale over the years, both in leadership roles and performing roles.

He’s been an active member of Evergreen Rotary.

When Evergreen Alliance for Sustainability + You (EAS+Y) formed in 2010, Mike was on its first board. He’s made a personal commitment to sustainability by building a net-zero energy home in 2009.

Mike’s involvement with the community and the county has spanned more than half a century.

The award ceremony

On Thursday, August 3rd, there will be a ceremony and luncheon from 11:30 am to 1:00 to honor Hank, Mike and John at Pinehurst Country Club at 6565 West Quincy Avenue in Denver. Corporate tables for 8 are selling for $500, and individual tickets are $50 each. The award and luncheon are being coordinated by the West Chamber of Commerce.  To make a reservation, click here.

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