The go-to book on the history of Evergreen is about to be released!

Written by Linda Kirkpatrick on .

A new book on the history of Evergreen is about to be released August 28th. Entitled simply “Evergreen,” this is a largely pictorial version with easily readable bits of history with each of the 205 photos that comprise this book. It covers 150 years – from 1859 – 2009.

“Evergreen” is written by John Steinle, former administrator of the Hiwan Homestead Museum, who had the benefit of knowing about many of the photos and stories associated with the development of the community.  

I had the privilege of working with John to proofread and help pull together photos for certain segments of time and, therefore, can speak to the integrity of the book.  Although I haven't seen it yet, I feel confident it will become the go-to historical reference for our community for many years to come.  It has a clean, crisp appearance; and I think you're going to like it!

“Early settlers were drawn to the Evergreen area for its unsurpassed beauty and natural resources,” John writes in a promotional piece. “Ranching and lumber were the initial basis for Evergreen’s economy in the 1800s, and wealthy summer residents built prestigious second homes there. By 1920, Evergreen became a tourist mecca through development of the Denver Mountain Parks system and famed hotels, resorts, and dude ranches. From 1920 to 1942, Evergreen was the epicenter of outdoor recreation in Colorado.”

He writes about the Bohemian era in the 1960s and 1970s that brought artists, musicians, and hippies, including Willie Nelson, to Evergreen … and the explosive growth after completion of Interstate 70.

John mentions many of the nonprofit organizations that make up Evergreen – and many of the individuals you and I would recognize who have given Evergreen its character.

He never lived in Evergreen, but he always admired it. It’s that same natural beauty that inspired John to write a book on Evergreen upon his retirement in 2016 after more than 21 years at the museum. “And the community involvement of so many on a volunteer basis who have a desire to be involved to make it a better place,” he adds.

One-half of all the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Jefferson County Historical Society.

The 128-page, hard-cover book by Arcadia Pubishing and The History Press, will sell for $26.99 and will make its debut at Augustana Elk Run on August 23rd (five days before its official release) at an historical book presentation by several authors. John will be there to sell and autograph the very first copies to make their way into readers’ hands.