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Organizations that encourage new leaders will be the ones that survive

Written by Linda Kirkpatrick on .

Recently I had occasion to speak to the new Leadership Evergreen class. I’ve always been a proponent of stimulating new leaders, one of the reasons Andy Petrick and I co-founded the group 20 years ago. Sustainability of any organization is dependent upon a turnover of those in charge. In fact, I recall having read once that the success of an organization isn’t proven until it changes leadership peacefully.

While remarking that going through Leadership Evergreen is not meant to be just another comment on a résumé and encouraging the newest class to step forward and take on leadership roles with or without titles, I made a rather unlikely point….

Knowing when to step back is just as important. There’s nothing quite as uncomfortable as easing out someone whose time at the helm has stretched on too long.

Leaders don’t need to step away – they are naturals to become mentors.

So many organizations around town worry about stimulating new members, generating new leaders and simply staying alive. Some – like the Evergreen Women’s Club and the American Association of University Women – have ceased operations while others have merged to keep from throwing in the towel.


Customer service making a comeback it seems

Written by Linda Kirkpatrick on .

In December i stopped at Best Buy in Colorado Mills to pick up a $20 cable to charge my phone and walked out having spent $3,020.  

I'd wandered into the Apple computer department, looking for a new computer for my husband.  I've always purchased new computers directly from Apple, but a nice young man donning a yarrmulke proved most helpful in answering questions I didn't know I had.  He demonstrated the latest 


SOLD OUT - A new trend in Evergreen

Written by Linda Kirkpatrick on .

It’s finally beginning to happen.

People are being turned away for not having made their reservations in a timely fashion. Nonprofits, in their determination to do anything necessary to stay alive in the last 10 years, have allowed stragglers without reservations to pay at the door and be admitted to special events.

I never liked that! Thought it would set a dangerous precedent, and it did!

But I’ve been thrilled in recent weeks to hear – repeatedly – that event after event is now turning latecomers away! Events are selling out.

The Evergreen Downtown Business Association added a fourth seating to Breakfast with Santa, and even still people had to be turned away by phone in advance and at the door the day of the event.