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On Thanksgiving – giving thanks for regaining some of what I'd lost

Written by Linda Kirkpatrick on .

There have been a number of suggestions about how to set new traditions for family on Thanksgiving.  My favorites have been those centering around each person's opportunity to talk about one thing he or she is thankful for – from the littlest grandchildren to the matriarchs at the heads of tables and patriarchs carving the birds.  No one will get dessert without some expression of thanks.

Among the many things for which I'm grateful is something my readers might appreciate -- an improving memory!  

Writing down names when I take pictures had become a nightmare for me, as sometimes people would expect that I should remember their names from three years ago when I took their picture at some event.... I knew that meeting dozens of new people regularly was a reasonable excuse in my mind, even if others didn't readily understand that.  But when it got to the point of struggling to remember the names of those I truly did know, I began to worry.  Was it old age?